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Eyeballs Update 24/2/2018

Sorry! Just a few more responses needed, promise. 🙂

I uploaded the background graphics that worked the best and took screenshots so you could see what they looked like on Medium and here they are:

And here’s the reworked pic for No. 4:

I’ll be honest. I do like this last one, but I couldn’t resist making a few tweaks. The gold circuitry on the left looks very similar to the original shape of No. 4:

And yes, there’s more on this pic than on the actual background pic. That’s because Medium doesn’t display the whole graphic. Luckily it does give you the option of choosing which area to keep so I kept more of the sky. Anyway, the small additions on the left hand side are minimal.

On the right hand side, however, I tweaked a bit more:

Now, the big questions. Do you like it with the gold? Do you prefer it with the Left pattern or the Right pattern? Or…radical thought, should I leave the two sides asymmetrical?

I promise, this is the last, and I really appreciate your feedback. 🙂



More eyeballs please!

Okay, I’ve been trying to come up with a background image for my new home, but nothing quite grabs me so…do any of these grab you? [Apologies for the loading times].






The gold circuits are from Nabatea, and I started with them. Unfortunately, each small part is ‘cut’ from a picture, so the overall file size becomes rather big and hard to work with. I was also a bit concerned the colours didn’t quite work together. So then I started with the silver circuits and wasn’t happy with any of them either. That’s when I redesigned no. 4 from scratch. But…eh. I need to step away now. :/

Thanks for the feedback.



Stop Press! And the winner is…

Thanks to timezone differences – and the fact I was out shopping – I just learned that I WON THE FLASH FICTION contest! But no Melbourne Cup photo finish was closer than this one.

JD Mader and I were literally neck and neck with the exact same number of votes. It should have been a draw. 😦

The reason it wasn’t a draw was because I got my entry in before JD. You see each flash fiction winner not only has the adrenaline rush of winning the contest, their winning entry also becomes part of the 52 stories that are published at the end of the year by Indies Unlimited. Hence only one winner can be chosen.

The way Indies Unlimited decided to break the deadlock of a draw was to award the win to whoever posted their story first. And as luck would have it, the first entry was mine. You can read all about it here.

But in terms of quality of writing, JD Mader did not lose, and I will always consider this contest a dead heat.

Congratulations JD. You’ve been one of my favourite indie authors for a long time now, and I’m honoured to share the glory with you. 🙂

And now, before I go away to do a happy dance across the kitchen floor, I’d like to say thank you Indies Unlimited for hosting the contest, and to every single person who voted for my story. This is literally my first ever win, and I owe it all to you guys. -MASSIVE HUGS-

-dance dance-


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