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And let there be…More Barsetshire Diary!

Here in Australia it’s Friday already and what better way of starting happy hour than by telling you all about ‘More Barsetshire Diary’, the third book by Lord David Prosser.

For those who have not yet discovered Lord David’s humorous tales of life in Barsetshire do not fear – each of the books can be read without reference to the previous ones, however once you visit Barsetshire I think you will find the place addictive and the characters unforgettable.

In More Barsetshire Diary Lord David, our seemingly naive and very slightly daft hero takes on the herculean task of trying to turn Awful Edna into a charismatic political contender in the local government stakes. Edna, who is married to the present Mayor, is a prickly character who has the people skills of a porcupine and the dress-sense of Bozo the Clown.  To complicate matters, Lady Julia [Lord David’s wife and much loved ‘regular’] has been dragooned into helping raise funds for the restoration of a run-down ancestral seat belonging to Dowager Duchess Diana. The Dowager Duchess is twice as formidable as Edna and failure is not an option! Between Lady J, Edna and the Duchess Lord David is forced to reveal that he has a secret weapon – diplomacy!

Of course while Lord David is putting his talents to the service of Duchess and county, Oscar is putting his talents into Lord David, one claw at a time. In this David and Goliath struggle between man and cat, the cat always wins but is that not how it should be?

I knew before I even turned to the first page that I was coming ‘home’ and I was not disappointed. The delicious humour I have come to expect from Lord David was as witty as ever but this time I discovered some hilarious cartoons added to the mix.  I laughed my way through this delightful book and I’m sure my life expectancy has increased because of it! Forget the vitamin supplements and just spend a few hours chuckling as you read More Barsetshire Diary; I guarantee you will feel better for it!


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