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The Impossible Dream

-grin- No, not my impossible dream, the song….listen!

Both singers are wonderful but the baritone reminds me of Placido Domingo who also, surprise surprise, began his singing career as a baritone. 😀

For a long time, Placido Domingo and Luciano Pavrotti were known as the two best tenors in the world, but although Pavrotti had a slightly higher upper register, it was Domingo who was the ‘golden’ tenor because of the rich, honeyed warmth of his voice. I’m no expert, but I always thought that warmth came from his baritone beginnings.

And here we have another wonderful baritone. I live in hope.


p.s. my thanks to David Prosser who actually knows both of these talented young men and showcased them on his recent blog post.

#amlistening to Gift of Life by Thomas Bergersen

I’m on a roll with Innerscape today so I thought you might like to share the music that’s fueling the writing :

The song is ‘Gift of Life’ and it’s from the Album ‘Illusions’ by Thomas Bergersen. For those who don’t know this incredibly talented composer, he’s one half of the amazing duo behind the music of Two Steps From Hell.

If you’re not a classical music fan please be patient until about 1:20. That is when the theme kicks in and it is GLORIOUS!

Vaguely [very vaguely] reminiscent of Massenet’s Meditation deThais :

[Just by the by…the conductor is my favourite tenor of all time – Placido Domingo!]

and Samuel Barber’s Adagio for Strings [used in the movie Lorenzo’s Oil] :

the theme from Gift of Life is intensely emotional yet uplifting at the same time.

Okay, back to work,



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