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Doehemian Rapsody – Freddy Mercury eat your heart out!

Ok, I confess. It’s post time and I am empty of ideas. The day started badly because I had to be awake early for the heating duct repairman, so despite multiple coffees my brain is still stuck in first gear. What to write? The repairman thinks my overfed cats have been sleeping on the heating ducts and breaking them at the joins. Nice to know but hardly worth blogging about.

Looking out my window I can see blue sky and bright sunshine which should cheer me up but the wind is so strong it’s making the branches of the gum trees dance like 1980’s go-go dancers. Being outside is not much fun today so I’ve decided I’m not going to blog about the weather. [sighs of relief from off-stage]

In truth I was seriously considering playing truant today and not blogging at all, after all I can’t exactly sack myself now can I? But then, just as I was about to log out I remembered something! [drum roll] I remembered that a couple of days ago I watched a brilliant music video on Bluebird Blvd. The video was called ‘Doehemian Rapsody’ and it made me laugh, sing and generally act the fool. It brightened my day then and I hope it brightens your day now. Enjoy!

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