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Why we need speechbots to answer the phone — VentureBeat

GUEST: Industry and media attention have focused on chatbots for digital channels. However, speech bots that answer phone calls could have a greater impact on customer service. First, because phone remains one of the most popular customer service channels, and companies should be doing all they can to meet customers where they prefer to interact.…

via Why we need speechbots to answer the phone — VentureBeat

Interesting article but misses the point from the consumer’s point of view. Most consumers are now savvy enough to find out ‘simple’ information without help – i.e. by googling etc. If they do ring up a company, it’s because they have a question which is not simple, or which cannot be answered in a general way. Forcing them to interact with a speechbot – i.e. the computer generated morons that curently answer the phone – simply fuels frustration because consumers already know the bot won’t be able to help. As for improving all the areas in which current speechbots fail….I give it another 50 years or so. That means another 50 years of lousy customer service.

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