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Amazon KDP Australia? Help?

ImageI just found this email in my inbox :


We are excited to announce Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) for Australia. Your KDP published book(s), where you have indicated publication rights, are now available in the Australia Kindle Store. While there is no immediate action needed on your part, you can review your title and account preferences by visiting your KDP Bookshelf.
Take advantage of these great benefits:
Publish easily – You can quickly and easily publish your books for Australian customers at kdp.amazon.com.au.
Reach more readers worldwide – Make your books available in the Australia Kindle Store and in more than 175 countries worldwide.
Earn up to 70% royalties – Adjust your list price in Australian dollars for the local market and be eligible to earn up to a 70% royalty for book sales to customers in Australia and New Zealand.
Get paid in Australian dollars – Receive payment in your local currency for book sales, if your bank account is in Australia, and track your progress with KDP sales reporting detailed by marketplace.
Visit your KDP Bookshelf today.

Kind regards,
The Kindle Direct Publishing Team”

Does anyone know anything about this? As my ebooks are already published via KDP Amazon.com I’m not sure how or why an aussie author would benefit.

If we publish via  kdp.amazon.com.au we get paid in AUD…but does that apply only to sales here in Australia? What about international sales?

I have a ton of questions and no answers. Can anyone help?



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