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WANTED: Betatasters

pears in portOkay, the port-baked-pears in the pic above are from ‘How to eat well on $9.04’ , but the actual book is nowhere near ready yet. 😦

I have, however, started re-cooking the recipes and checking the quantities, and that’s why I need you guys. I won’t know how accurate my recipes are until some brave souls try them out – i.e. become my guinea, I mean, my betatasters.

Ideally I’d like a mix of experienced and inexperienced cooks to test the recipes so if you’re brave enough to give it a go I’ll love you forever. 😀

If you’d like to become a betataster, please contact me via the Contact page [at the top of the screen]. I’ve changed the way my contact details are displayed so it should now be a lot easier to mail me.

If you don’t have the time to try one of my recipes, how about you send me a VERY simple recipe of your own for me to betataste? I can’t promise to publish every recipe sent to me, but I would like to give readers some quick and easy alternatives to try. Oh and the recipes must be cheap as well!

Third Party Recipes published in my book remain the property of whoever donated them, and the owner will be credited for the recipe by name and/or blog or however they prefer.

No money will change hands because I have absolutely no idea how to do something like that [assuming there is any money], but perhaps between all of us we can raise food awareness all over the world!

-cough- Okay, a bit grandiose, but a girl can dream can’t she?

-happy Sunday hugs-


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