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#SFX, cars and ‘The Blackbird’

I’m not a petrol head, but I do like cars so I could not resist a Gizmag article about how cars are filmed for commercials and movies. This is the ‘Blackbird’ and it is the most amazing car you will never see.

Gotta love CGI [computer generated imagery]. 🙂

Happy weekend,


CGI Silly Putty

Technophile or technophobe, everyone should have a look at this video clip!

It shows computer generated shapes squidging up and splaying out, and generally behaving like real world ‘wet’ things.

The animation is great fun to watch, but what really blew my mind was that none of it is real. Every last bend, twist and splodge is created by a computer graphics program simulating the real world… and doing it well.

And because more is better than less, here are some more fluid simulations:

Final Fantasy XIV has some amazing looking ‘water’ but still nothing that looks and acts like real water.

The following 3 pics were taken at a game location called ‘Mist’ and show the waves coming in and going out. [note to self – really must download a video capture app again].

Look at the waves….

mist ocean 1

mist ocean 2

mist ocean 3

The waves don’t ‘interact’ with objects terribly well, but one day they will. One day, the simulated world will look as real as the real one. And from there, Innerscape is just a hop, skip and a jump away.



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