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Update to the Firebug post.

I recently wrote a rather angry post about a possible firebug in the Warrandyte area. I honestly thought we’d never know for sure how that fire started, so I’m really thrilled to be able to tell you it wasn’t a firebug, it was a campfire.

This is the comment I received from Andrew, a member of the CFA :

Hello All, For your information, This fire started as a result of a campfire that was not extinguished properly. The fire Started along side the Yarra river and burnt 4 hectares of bushland south east up steep terrain in Warrandyte State Park not far form the Clifford park scout center in Wonga Park.

VERY fortunate the weather conditions were favorable for firefighting.

Regards Andrew (CFA Volunteer)

Thanks Andrew, not just for providing that welcome information, but also for doing such a great job keeping us all safe. The CFA volunteers put their own lives on the line in so many ways : they fight bushfires and give up huge chunks of their time every summer. All without getting paid or receiving much thanks.

You guys [and girls] are much appreciated even if we don’t say it enough.



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