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Is creativity a leisure time pursuit?

I feel as if a big fat finger is poking me in the back, prodding me to write this post so here goes.

A few days ago  Medmcn [also known as M. Edward McNally] and Ilil Arbel, both very talented writers, were talking about the years they had wasted doing responsible things – like earning a living – before finally being able to follow their passions.

Then just yesterday my neighbour Sallyanne, an incredibly talented photographer, laughed off the slow growth of her business with the words
“…but the kids come first”.

The photo on the right is a portrait Sallyanne took of my late father for his 89th birthday. Dementia was slowly eating away at my Dad but Sallyanne managed to capture the old Dad and immortalize him as he used to be. For me that was a minor miracle and shows just how talented she truly is.

The final prod came this morning when Metan, another very talented lady blogger, mentioned how hard it was to find the time to do her research when the dishes had to be done, kids uniforms washed etc, etc.

How could I ignore that fat finger of fate any longer?

The trouble is that I don’t quite know where to take this post. Should I talk about the historical absence of women in the arts? Should I draw parallels with women’s ongoing responsibilities to their families as the cause? Or should I explore the idea that art for art sake can only happen when the artist is freed from the daily grind for survival? Yet as soon as I think along those lines my brain pipes up with ‘but what about the cave paintings?’ It’s hard to see how caveman artists would have had the leisure for art unless art was somehow functional.

I honestly have no answers here so I’m throwing the question[s] out into the void.

If you’ve got any ideas please jump into the discussion by leaving a comment.



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