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Botanic art – the Beckler Project

I’ve been a fan of Anne Lawson’s work for a long time now – I’m the proud owner of one of her garlics – but I didn’t realise that the work she and her colleagues do is real ‘citizen scientist’ stuff that will help in the longitudinal study of Australia native plants in the Minindee area. The following is a small snippet from her post:

‘If you have been following my blog for a while you will remember the annual trips that the Fella and I make up to Menindee, a little country town about an hour out of Broken Hill. If you are new to the blog, or have forgotten let me briefly explain.

I am part of a group of botanic artists who go up to the semi-arid area of Outback New South Wales to collect and paint the plants that were found on the Burke and Wills Expedition of 1860. Dr Hermann Beckler was the collector as well as the doctor on the Expedition. Our Project began in 2010, and the Fella and I have gone up since 2011.’

You can follow the link below to read more about the project and admire some of Anne’s work:





The treasure you least expect

I’ve been chatting to blogger Anne Lawson for some time now, and I knew she was an aussie, like me, but I had no idea she was an artist. Tonight, for the first time ever, I visited Anne’s online shop, and was stunned by the beauty of her botanical drawings.

I know this will sound a little strange, but the one that I kept going back to was a black and white sketch of a head of garlic. I’ve had a bumper crop this year [of garlic] so that could have something to do with my garlic obsession, but have a look at this pic and tell me that this is not beautiful!

garlic by anne lawson

Anne is also fascinated by feathers, and shells, and gum leaves… and draws them with exquisite skill. But… I just couldn’t go past the garlic, so I bought it. 😀



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