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Kindle Loudmouth – whatever will Jeff Bezos think of next?

I love my Kindle, but I have to say right now that I don’t think I’ll be getting the latest version. Called ‘Flare’, this new Kindle’s claim to fame is that it broadcasts the title of the book you’re reading… out loud!

Apparently this is meant to show the world how smart you are? Or something. Watch this video to see for yourself :


I particularly liked the bit about the guy and girl sitting at separate tables in a restaurant, checking out what the other is reading. Cute. Although I do wonder what message you’d be sending if your Kindle blurted out “Fifty Shades of Grey!”

Okay, that was my bit of fun for the day.



This? This? Or this? Help!

In case the title of this post wasn’t clear, I need feedback!

Firstly, I’m very tempted to change the title of my book of short stories from ‘Postcards from Torrmow’ [a bit pretentious?] to just ‘The Vintage Egg, and other stories from tomorrow’.

Yes? No? Maybe?

Secondly I’ve been wearing my fingers to the bone trying to come up with an eye-catching cover that is also appealing instead of chunderous [from aussie slang : chunder : to throw up].

Could you please have a look at these covers and tell me which one you like [if any] or which one really puts you off?

1. Extreme contrasts and neon colours, but hard to miss.

postcards black and yellow

2. Slightly less eye-watering.

postcards black and red

3. Far less eye-catching, but also easier on the eye. Would the colour scheme be too similar to that of Vokhtah though?

vintage egg purple and gold

All comments and suggestions for changes gratefully received! I love playing with graphics, but there is a reason I’m not a graphic designer!

Hugs in advance,


p.s. Oops! I just realised the cockpit cover is missing on all 3 graphics. -sigh- Now I’ll have to find out how to export across layers. đŸ˜¦

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