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A not-quite-award post

I have recently received two blog award nominations, and I thank both bloggers for thinking of me, but I have reached a point where I have run out of interesting, or funny things to reveal [about myself]. What I’m left with is fairly serious stuff and I’m not sure I want to talk about those things.

There is, however, another side to the blog award phenomenon – introducing new blogs to friends and followers. Now that is an opportunity I can’t pass up, so here are three blogs that are relatively new to me but so very worth visiting.

1. Mr French Heaven is a lovely blog that provides fantastic recipes in both French and English! So none of you have any excuse not to visit. I personally love this blog because it gives me a chance to brush up on my French and find new, delicious recipes. Win-win. 😀

2. Bharatwrites does not write enough for my liking, but then I am quite greedy. 😀

3. Colinology is the blog of a gorgeous young man who writes so well, despite only being 17 and still being at school. Colin is openly gay and lives with his partner Mark. Reading Colin’s blog makes me happy because it’s fun, but it also gives me hope that the times they are a-changing, and that there is a happier side to being young and openly gay.

So there you have it, my claytons* blog acceptance post. 😀 For my next post I will be reviewing Laurie Boris’ new book ‘Don’t tell anyone’. Trust me, this is one you don’t want to miss!



* For the non-aussies, Claytons is a non-alcoholic mixer drink, so when we want to talk about something that isn’t quite real we call it a claytons. 😀

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