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No more ‘simply’!

I am on such a high at the moment! When I checked my emails this morning I found an amazing critique of Vokhtah, by someone who commented on one of my posts.

Now there are critiques that make you want to sing, and then there are critiques that make you want to drown yourself in the fishpond. This one has me singing opera! I’m amazed that a stranger would take the time to give me such a gift. I’m also thrilled that he liked Vokhtah enough to help me make the next book better.

One of the things he pointed out to me was that I have a cosy relationship with the word ‘simply’. I do try to keep adverbs to a minimum, and I’ve weaned myself of ‘really’, but ‘simply’ simply slipped under my radar. -grin- See how easy it is to do?

So today I’ve resolved to quit using ‘simply’. If I sneak one into a post, please point it out to me in comments! And if I substitute another empty word in its place, please point that out to me as well.

Writing well is not a destination, it’s a process, and involves unlearning bad habits as much as learning new, better ones. I really want to become the best writer I am capable of being because second best is only cheating on myself. Of course today, the process feels effortless. Tomorrow, or the day after, it may be harder as the withdrawal symptoms set it.

Do you have any bad habits? I’m talking about writing of course. đŸ˜‰ Please share, and please give me a prod if/when I fall off the wagon.



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