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Lulu.com has been infested with Author Solutions

courtesy Wikihow

courtesy Wikihow

I was having a good morning until I read this post on Indies Unlimited. Apparently Lulu – the non-Amazon Print On Demand [POD] company – has teamed up with Author Solutions to offer ridiculously expensive ‘packages’ to new authors.

Be warned! This is a barely legal scam that offers the unwary [read new, inexperienced author] help to get published. Those authors who have been burned by Author Solutions in the past never go back. Unfortunately, the flip side of the indie revolution is that there are always more new hopefuls waiting in the wings to get taken to the cleaners.

Do not be fooled by the fact that Author Solutions has now aligned itself with so many legitimate companies – its business practices are still the same. It’s a shonky business with shoddy ‘products’ aimed at those who need the help the most.

I first heard about Author Solutions on LinkedIn. Since then, the company has gone ‘underground’ by hiding under the skirts of well-known companies. It truly is like a cockroach hiding behind the skirting board of your house. Stomp on it every chance you get!

-wipes foam from teeth-

And in other news… my new article is up on Indies Unlimited. In it I ask the question ‘What is a writer?’

That question was inspired by fellow blogger Alex Laybourne. I believe that anyone who invests time and effort into writing a blog is, by definition a writer… because they write. Defining the difference between a writer and an author is a lot more fuzzy.

My modest little article has had some very passionate responses already so please check it out and join the debate!



Important information for all indie authors!

Back when I first started learning about self-publishing on LinkedIn I heard a few horror storiesĀ  about Author Solutions [the parent company of self-publishing companies like iUniverse, Xlibris etc] but I did not pay much attention because back then I was still sitting on the fence about whether to become an indie or not. Now I know that I will be an indie and so this article by fellow blogger David Gaughran really made me sit up and take notice.

The article is about Penguin’s recent buyout of Author Solutions and what the implications of this move will be for indie authors. In a nutshell the prognosis is not good and I’m doing my bit to pass the message on to every writer I know.

Please follow the link below to read the article in full as it could save you thousands of dollars and a great deal of frustration.

The Author Solution article

For those who won’t follow blind links here is the url in full :


If you found this information as shocking as I did please reblog it so that we can reach as many writers as possible.



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