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#fairness video with #dogs

I couldn’t resist following up some of the information in the previous videos, so here’s one about testing whether dogs are capable of:

  1. recognizing that something is unfair and,
  2. reacting accordingly

Unfortunately, only the first two minutes of this video are in English, but the experiment looks pretty conclusive to me:

This next video is a TED talk presented by Frans de Waal [thanks Hariod!]. It goes for approximately 16 minutes but is really interesting in terms of the parallels between human and [certain] animal behaviour:


Whales and dolphins playing together

I started the morning with a very cute cat video here, and went on to watch the following extraordinary video clip :

It’s very short, but raises all sorts of questions, such as, if the two biggest water based mammals can play with each other then what sort of communication must take place to allow that to happen?

Dolphin: Hi whale, can I use your nose as a slippery slide?

Whale: Sure little guy, go ahead. I’ll be gentle.

Dolphin: Wheeeeeeee!

And that leads to the question – if all this is happening out in the wild, how much more have we missed? And how much more do we need to learn about our neighbours on this lovely planet?

Good morning,


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