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All Hallows Read

scary halloween pic

Famous, and rather cute author, Neil Gaiman, has come up with an idea to spread the love of books. He calls it All Hallows Read and the idea is to give scary books instead of chocolate and candy for Halloween…

Okay, I think we can add the word ‘and’ to that equation : This Halloween give scary stories AND chocolates… and candy. Ahem.

Anyway, talented author and blogging friend Candy Korman has taken Neil Gaiman at his word. She’s giving friends and family scary stories and wants the rest of us to do the same. You can find her All Hallows Read post here :


Although Australia isn’t as big on Halloween as the US, I rather like the idea of reducing cavities by giving books so this is a tradition I wouldn’t mind promoting.

I’m going to get the Daughter some ‘nice’ scary reads. Plus I have some friends in mind as well… mwahahahaha!

I’ve got some great titles from Candy’s post but if you know of any other scary reads in the free or 99c area could you let me know in comments?

Oh, and if you get a scary story this Halloween, don’t blame me, blame Neil Gaiman… and Candy .:D



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