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Ballet as you’ve never seen it!

My thanks to My OBT who posted about this incredible duo and introduced me to their unique synthesis of ballet, acrobatics, music and the glorious shapes that two bodies can make. Think of a moving work of art, or multiple works of art all telling a single story.

There are some truly fantastic video’s showcasing the work of AcroDuoBallet, but this is my favourite:

Click here to be taken to their Youtube channel, but be warned, you may not leave for a while, a long, long while…



Apologies for the flurry of posts, but the diamonds are jumping out at me this week. Even if you don’t like ballet, please watch this:

Ignore the hype and just watch what the human body, and spirit, can do.



Advertising elevated to an art form!

Please don’t look away! This is para-gliding in the extreme [and the advertising element is unnoticeable].

The artist, Jean-Baptiste Chandelier, does things with a para-glider that simply should not be possible, including barrel rolls. I always believed flipping a para glider = death. Not so, not so, not so, not so……

I’m terrified of heights, but watching this video clip was like reliving a dream, the kind in which you suddenly realise you’re flying, and you think ‘Why haven’t I done this before? It’s wonderful, and so easy…’

A special thank you to Cindy Knoke for introducing me to this little slice of happiness!



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