I’ve done a few blog posts now on music videos that absolutely rocked my socks [is that phrase still in use?]. Anyway, I thought it  might be handy to have all those video clips in one neat pile in case anyone is looking for a particular song. So I’m relocating them here.

Just realised that Jules Massenet somehow went missing during the transition so I’ve returned his Meditation from Thais to its rightful spot as one of the most beautiful pieces of violin music ever. 🙂

The first one I’m adding is a new one that Bluebird featured on her blog not long ago.  It’s by a Korean pop [Kpop] boy band. I think it’s called Exo -K and the song is Mama.

I love the song itself but I’m seriously mesmerized by these young guys. All of them are beautiful and look like real, live manga characters. Oh and they can dance too. 😉

The first minute or so of the clip features a CG sequence that could easily have come straight from a game. About 3/4 of the way through one of the guys does an eye-popping leap that is just amazing.

Next, from K-pop to Puccini! This aria is the death of Liu and features Barbara Hendricks as Liu. Glorious voice.

But wait! It gets even more eclectic! This next one is of the Piano Guys doing Pachabel’s Canon at a wedding. It starts traditional and then turns into something…else. 😀

More Piano Guys with a very -cough- serious Star Wars theme.

And now for a couple of dips into nostalgia. First up is my all time favourite musical comedy star Fred Astaire doing the classic ‘Putting on the Ritz.

This is the music I bought for Nanowrimo. I can hardly wait to start!

This is a single track from Elysium, the music I bought for nano. Of all the tracks, this is the one that inspires me the most.

Again, thanks to Bluey of Bluebird Blvd for introducing me to Astor Piazzolla! If you like Latin American music/rhythms then you will love this series of nuevo tango music played by the master himself. Needless to say, I love this.

A new one, the song by Nic Cave that’s behind the highly successful tourism adv. for South Australia – Red Right Hand:


Someone I follow on Twitter just posted this video. I’d heard the music before but didn’t know the name or composer. I’m placing it here now so I never lose a beautiful piece of music again:

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