How-to Kindle

Whilst many of you may know it’s possible to read non-Amazon files on your Kindles, you may not know how to manually transfer non-Amazon files from the pc to the Kindle. As I would like to make review copies of my Kindle compatible stories available for free, I thought I’d better show you how to get them onto your Kindles!

Before we get into the nitty gritty part of the how-to, there are two things you must know :

1. Your Kindle is capable of displaying all files with the extension .mobi. For example, the name of my new ebook of short stories will be You will be able to read it on your Kindle as easily as any file downloaded from Amazon via Whispernet.

2. .mobi files can be transferred from your pc to your Kindle via the USB cable with which you charge your Kindle. So if you know how to charge, you are already half way there.

How to transfer .mobi files from your pc to your Kindle :

1. Hook up your Kindle to your pc like so :

usb k to pc

2. Open My Computer or Windows Explorer, and find the .mobi file you have saved to your pc. I keep all of mine in a folder called EBOOKS. [Yes, I know, don’t say it.] The following is a screenshot of all the .mobi files I have. In this example I want to transfer Father and Son so it is highlighted :

USB transfer to Kindle

[I am using Windows 7 so this screen shot may look slightly different on your version of Windows].

3. Left click to highlight the .mobi file you want to transfer to your Kindle.

4. With the .mobi file highlighted, press the Ctrl and C keys on your keyboard – at the same time.

[Windows will not show you any notifications, but ‘Ctrl C‘ is a keyboard shortcut that copies the highlighted file to a holding area called the clipboard. A copied file will stay in the clipboard until you paste it somewhere else, or overwrite it with something else].

5. Now scroll down My Computer or Windows Explorer until you see your Kindle device listed.

6. Double click on your Kindle device folder. You should now see some sub-folders. The one you want is called Documents :

how to transfer to Kindle 7

7. Left click on the [Kindle] Documents folder to highlight it [as shown above]. Next, press the Ctrl and V keys on your keyboard – at the same time.

[The keyboard shortcut ‘Ctrl V‘ will paste your copied .mobi file into the Kindle Documents folder].

8. And that’s all there is to it. If you open your Kindle to the Contents page, you should see the new ebook file waiting for you to read. I’ll leave you with a terrible pic of the Father and Son file on my own Kindle.

usb to kindle father and son

Apologies if these instructions cover things you already know, but I would rather make things too simple than assume people know all the little tricks I take for granted.



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