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loss (of everything) and sleep — Frank Prem Poetry

Frank Prem gives voice to the common man, the one so often forgotten after great tragedies disappear from the news cycle. This is a poem about what comes after the fire.

he said



I thought

I had enough



I’d covered the place

for more

than the cost

and I thought

for sure

that would be enough



it seems as though

it is never

quite as much

as you first thought



it seems as though

the costs

are always



the bank claimed


to get money back

for the mortgage




they change re-building rules

you know



to make things better […]

loss (of everything) and sleep — Frank Prem Poetry

Meeka's Mind is 8!

Blogs are strange beasts. Sometimes they start with a bang and fade away to nothing, and sometimes they start with one, lonely voice and grow into a home.

Meeka’s Mind has been my home for the past eight years, and I’d like to thank everyone who’s ever popped in to say hello, or simply came looking for information and left a ‘like’. You guys are the reason this blog is still going strong.

You are the reason I still love blogging. All the very best for 2020!

-massive hugs-


Fly like a bird…

Yves Rossy is the original jetman. It’s thanks to him that we saw jetmen flying in formation with the French air force:

Formation flying

You can watch the whole, incredible video clip here. Amazing, right? But back then he needed to get up in the sky before he could fly.

Now, he can take off all by himself:

I’m terrified of heights, but to fly like this…that would be heavenly.

Merry Christmas, my friends. Eat, drink, be merry and stay safe.



Support Your Local Indie Author – Guest Post by Joel Bresler…

Hmm…you’d think I’d know the difference between ‘Press This’ and ‘Reblog’. Ah well, second time lucky!

Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog

Indie Book Marketing 101’s first rule is: use social media to promote your books. Thus directed, indie authors excitedly create flashy websites, engaging Facebook pages, Instagramaccounts, etcetera, and are then faced with the dilemma of how to ask their friends, family and anybody else who happens to land on one to buy their books.

    For something that should be a pretty straightforward proposition, this can be embarrassingly awkward. The direct approach can come off as begging or, worse, like you’re trying to sell something. Youare trying to sell something, but you’re desperate not to sound like it. So, rather than come out and ask folks to buy your books, you, as an indie author, post book announcements, updates andcute graphics, which get lots of “likes” but no “buys”.

    Indie authors typically then seek…

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Support Your Local Indie Author – Guest Post by Joel Bresler…

The title says it all. Save an Indie today. 🙂

ATO – 'Business Activity'

This is a quick update about one of the myTax questions that I mentioned in this post. It was one of the questions I ‘guessed’.

The question occurs in the section under PSI, or Personal Services Income, and asks for the:

‘Number of business activities’

Nowhere on the ATO website is there a definition of what ‘business activity’ actually means. Thanks to the very knowledgeable and patient lady I spoke to this morning, I can now tell you that for Sole Traders, the question refers to the number of people/companies you have worked for.

So, for example, if you work for ten different people/companies during the course of a financial year, the number of ‘business activities’ to report is…tah dah…10!

You’re welcome. 🙂


Amazing Mr Fox

I’m hosting an un-christmas tomorrow so busy cleaning and cooking, but all work and no play is boring, right? So I did a quick jigsaw puzzle of a fox. Note the eyes:

Slit pupils

Those slit pupils sent me off on a search of the internet where I discovered that fox vision allows them to hunt at dawn and dusk…much like cats. But foxes are related to dogs and wolves. What gives?

The similarities between foxes and cats doesn’t end there. You can find a host of fascinating facts in the article below:

One of those facts is illustrated in the following video:

Amazing Mr Fox!

Okay, well play time is over, got floors to mop… -sigh-… Enjoy your weekend. I’ll have food pics tomorrow 🙂



The Land of Far Beyond

It’s been a stressful couple of days. The perfect time to get lost in something uplifting. This is the completed jigsaw puzzle of an unknown locale.

As soon as the last piece went in, I knew it was how I’d imagined some of the vistas in a childhood favourite called ‘The Land of Far Beyond.’

Enjoy. 🙂


LMAO – a dog’s pov of US!

My thanks to Scottie for posting this hilarious video!

Happy Monday my friends!


Volcanic lakes – red, blue & black

I was procrastinating with Jigsaw Planet this morning when I came across a bright blue, crater lake. That triggered an image search which culminated in the photo you see above. And no, that image is not photoshopped!

You can find more, fascinating photos and an in depth article about the crater lakes at:

Have a great weekend,


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