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Miira – book 1 sneak peek

Okay. Finally an image I’m happy with. The bit on the right will be the front cover. The bit on the left the back cover. And the odd, transitional bit in the middle will become the spine. I don’t have exact measurements for the spine yet, but I can adjust the dimensions quite easily as the spine is made up of 2 separate vector images:

To give you some idea of how complicated this process was, here’s the same image broken down into its component parts. This first one is the background image:

On top of that sits a composite image made up of a vectored, coloured background:

and a vectored foreground:

The original of this foreground was used in the graphics I created for Innerscape Episodes 1 – 5. For the print version cover, however, I had to clean it up completely by ‘trimming’ out every wire…manually. Now, I can change the coloured background to anything I want and it will show through. Both the foreground and background images were a huge amount of work, but worth it in the end…I hope.

Then on top of these images sits another composite image. This is the portrait of Miira which is made up of a gilt frame [which had to be cut out and altered to fit the middle of the circuit board:

and this glorious picture I found on


The final touch was to add a suggestion of depth:

The outline rectangles are a very slight shade lighter than the pure black of the background. From a distance, they create an optical illusion which makes the face appear as if it’s set back inside the frame:

I still have the lettering of the Title etc to do, and that’ll be another learning curve, but for now I’d really love to know what you guys think. Oh, and the title will be ‘Miira’, but I’m still tossing up between ‘Miira, book 1 of Innerscape’ or ‘Miira, Episodes 1 and 2 of Innerscape’. Anyway, I’ve got a full day’s work today so I’d better get to it. 🙂




Please Don’t Buy My Book

As a reader, I do look at ‘Also Boughts’ in my never-ending quest to find new, favourite sci-fi authors. But…as a writer? -face palm-
Thanks for a great post, David. I’ll be doing some serious thinking as a result.

David Gaughran

I’m just back from The Smarter Artist Summit in Austin, Texas. I won’t try and capture the magic of the event – Kobo Mark does an excellent job – but I would like to talk about the big takeaway: the dangers of Also Bought pollution.

Also Boughts are probably the most important aspect of the entire Amazon recommendation ecostructure. And also the least understood.

They are much more than a little strip under your book’s description – they power a huge chunk of the recommendations that Amazon serves to readers.

The Also Boughts are what tells Amazon that the readers of my non-fiction also like reading Susan Kaye Quinn, Sean Platt and Johnny Truant. Amazon uses this data to decide who to recommend books to – because Amazon is always seeking to show readers the books they are most likely to purchase.

For this reason, it’s important to monitor your…

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Poignant and lovely

My thanks to Lori Greer for introducing me to this lovely little video. Only 12 minutes long and worth every second of viewing time. Enjoy 🙂



The Case For Compulsory Voting …

We take democracy for granted at our peril. It’s actually a fragile thing, and like a good relationship, you have to work at it.

Filosofa's Word

There are a number of reasons that we in the U.S. find ourselves with a madman at the helm.  Certainly, the Russian connection played a role, though it remains to be seen just how much of a role.  James Comey, perhaps pressured by another, played a role.  Voter laws that disenfranchised members of certain groups had a role.  But perhaps the largest reason was voter apathy … many were simply too lazy or too disgusted with both candidates to take an hour out of their year to go vote.

Only about 25% of eligible voters voted for Donald Trump.  Let that one sink in for a moment.  About ¼ of citizens over the age of 18 voted for Trump, yet he now sits in the Oval Office.  Voter turnout in the 2016 election was only around 55%.* Barely half of all those who had the opportunity to…

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Mesmerizing Animated Masterpieces

I’m not religious, but if it takes a religious celebration to focus our thoughts on kindness and goodwill to our fellow man, then so be it.

This weekend I’m posting nothing but uplifting information, and here’s something close to my heart – beautiful graphics made even more clever by modern technology. Enjoy. 🙂


For the 50th anniversary of the Edward Hopper’s death, a British digital agency, Verve Search for Orbitz chose to make the most famous masterpiece of the artist, by creating beautiful GIFs.

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Prodigal Son – by Laurie Boris

You’re welcome. 🙂

Laurie Boris

Amid the chaos, the family arguing about who would get what, you figure no one will miss you. He’d told you where to find the paperwork. Which car to take to the house in the country. Your older brothers call it “the cabin.” What a joke. Pop only bought it because he thought it would make him look smart. Because some wise man in the past droned on about doing his best thinking in his cabin in the woods. Pop had been there once. He stayed exactly two hours, pronounced it “boring as hell,” then went back to the city. But you’ve always liked it. You really want nothing from him, and told him so the last time you spoke, and somehow he respected you for that (probably calling you a schmuck behind your back). Now a small part of you hopes he left you the house in the woods…

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Ballet as you’ve never seen it before. :D

via Men in Tights — My OBT

Seriously, I’ve just spent two hours at My OBT, and I laughed and applauded the whole time. Simply brilliant. I’ve run out of superlatives. 😀


The Rise of Vertical Farms (Infographic)

This….imagine if all of our useless skyscrapers could be converted to food production?!? -happy dance-


Bildergebnis für Vertical farmingVertical farming is letting us grow 100 times more food, in a green revolutionary design.

Here’s what you need to know:

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The problem with capitalism…in a ball

Unless you’re a golfer, you probably don’t think about golf balls. But a new US lawsuit about these little dimpled spheres has an economics lesson for all shoppers, showing why consumers have cause for concern when companies use court for sport. Costco, the wholesale membership club, rocked the golf world in 2016 when it started…

via A lawsuit over Costco golf balls shows why we can’t have nice things cheap — Quartz

The practice of Capitalism is more people-friendly than say, Totalitarianism, because it requires people to be consumers, and that is something people are happy to be. But to work properly, Capitalism requires the checks and balances of a healthy, competitive marketplace.

Using the law as a way to get rid of the competition may be ‘legal’ and ‘clever’, but it’s also a bully’s scam. The law is meant to be an equalizer, not a weapon. Frivolous legal action should have punitive consequences. While it does not, the law becomes complicit in the scam.

Perhaps I’m naive. Okay, I know I’m naive, but I did not expect the companies being bullied to accepted the inequity of their situation without protest. Excuse me? You’ve just lost your company for no good reason, and you grudgingly admire the tactic that made you lose?

Is this really the way we want our world to run?

In Australia, we have something called the ‘pub test’. If the common man in the pub thinks something stinks, then the authorities need to take action, even if it isn’t strictly illegal, because there’s the letter of the law, and then there’s the spirit of the law, and we all know the difference.


Extreme Weather: Storm Chaser Photography

Feast your eyes on some of the most beautiful, and terrifying, photos of storms I have ever seen. For my money, the one with the windmill is the most disturbing.


Jonas Piontek is a talented self-taught photographer, travel enthusiast, student and storm chaser from Grünberg, Hessen who currently based in Lich, Hesse, Germany.

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