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New posts on Medium for the week ending April 20, 2018

The first post compares the security, and privacy, associated with credit cards, PayPal and prepaid cards:

The second post just went up. It looks at Draft2Digital, an online distributer, and a feature called ‘Universal Book Link’:

And that’s it, Friday in Australia and the weekend has almost begun. Enjoy. 🙂


Art from small rocks…amazing!

I’ve been following Flow Art Station for a while, but Japanese artist, Akie Nakata, really is something very special. Have a look. My favourite is the fox.

If you don’t end up going “Awww…!” I’ll buy a hat and eat it. 😀

Akie Nakata turns rocks into amazing realistic miniatures



Meeka’s posts for the week ending April 6, 2018

Only two posts this week. The first is an Australiana one about the artist’s colony of Montsalvat. It’s interesting but not earth shattering:

It’s the second one that I really, really hope you read. It’s the first in god knows how many posts that will deal with privacy on the internet.

Even if you’re sick to death of everything to do with Facebook, please read this post:



Happy Easter Everyone!

Good Friday in Warrandyte has been perfect. Gentle sun, mosty blue sky, and a blush of green on the ground as the hardy grasses/weeds come back to life after the days of soaking rain. It’s autumn, and for a change it feels like autumn too. I love it.

The Offspring and I are heading off for a meal soon and there’ll be cake when we get home. Easter is looking good this year. 🙂

May the holidays treat you well,




Small crisis over! Phew…

I’ve had a couple of unpleasant days due to the fact that Tikh Tokh was ‘suspended’ by Medium. I could see it when I logged in as myself, but not when I tried to search for it or go direct via the address bar.

I sent an email off to Medium support straight away, but this was on North American Sunday so I didn’t get a response until this morning, Australian time. In the interim I spent a depressed day searching for web hosts so this would never happen again. As you can imagine, the results didn’t make me happy.

And then, lo! This morning I check my mail and there’s one from Medium. Apparently, Tikh Tokh was ‘….accidentally caught in our spam filter…’. It’s been restored and all’s well, but I can’t help wondering how a whole publications with over 500 posts can get caught up in spam. Whose spam?

Anyway, I’m relieved and my mood has lifted. Probably just as well as it’s the Offspring’s birthday on Friday, I have a full week of teaching and somewhen before now and then, I have to make a chocolate mousse cake. Busy, busy.:)



Roundup for the week ending Friday, March 23 2018

Not a tech post in sight this week, although be warned, I’ll be starting a new series with some tech in it soon. For now there are just two posts:

  • The Gingerbread House of my Dreams, and
  • A Frog at the Window

You can find both posts on the homepage of Tikh Tokh:

Back home in Warrandyte, there’s rain forecast! Keep your fingers crossed please. 🙂



Tikh Tokh articles for the week ending March 18, 2018

I’m still experimenting with the best way to keep Meeka’s Mind more or less in sync with Tikh Tokh so this is attempt 2? 3? Something like that. Anyway, I thought I could use Meeka’s Mind as a kind of un-newsletter. Every Sunday [my time] or perhaps Friday, I’ll do a simple post listing the articles I’ve written during the week with links to them on Tikh Tokh. This may turn out to be a spectacular failure, but here goes:

Week ending March 18, 2018

Left-over chicken a la Peking Duck [March 18, 2016]

How to create a simple table in Word 16 [March 13, 2016]

How to ‘Add’, ‘Multiply’ & ‘Percent’ in Word 16 Tables [March 12, 2016]

All three posts can be found on the Tikh Tokh homepage:




Tikh Tokh is up and running!

Tikh Tokh is my new blog on Medium and it’s now ready for visitors.

View collection at

Apologies for the HUGE graphic. When I copy pasted the link, that graphic showed up instead and I have no idea how to get rid of it. -sigh-

Anyway, I believe you can look at Tikh Tokh without being registered with Medium, so I’d really appreciate it if you could try out the various navigation tabs as they now correspond to the ‘categories’ I used to have. The post about Elder Scrolls Online shown on the Featured Page is new.

Have a great weekend,



Thank you!

You guys never let me down. Thank you. No. 4 in gold and asymmetrical is now the background to my Medium publication. Now I just have to migrate all my old posts over. The end is in sight. 🙂

-massive hugs-


Eyeballs Update 24/2/2018

Sorry! Just a few more responses needed, promise. 🙂

I uploaded the background graphics that worked the best and took screenshots so you could see what they looked like on Medium and here they are:

And here’s the reworked pic for No. 4:

I’ll be honest. I do like this last one, but I couldn’t resist making a few tweaks. The gold circuitry on the left looks very similar to the original shape of No. 4:

And yes, there’s more on this pic than on the actual background pic. That’s because Medium doesn’t display the whole graphic. Luckily it does give you the option of choosing which area to keep so I kept more of the sky. Anyway, the small additions on the left hand side are minimal.

On the right hand side, however, I tweaked a bit more:

Now, the big questions. Do you like it with the gold? Do you prefer it with the Left pattern or the Right pattern? Or…radical thought, should I leave the two sides asymmetrical?

I promise, this is the last, and I really appreciate your feedback. 🙂



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