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Mary Smith – a life well lived

Mary Smith came into my life via her blog posts about cancer, her cancer, but she stays in my memory because of her book :

That book opened my eyes to the power of Afghan women. They are not the meek, retiring people I’d imagined. Like Mary herself, they are strong and fearless.

I can’t call Mary ‘friend’ because I did not know her beyond the pages of a book or the posts on a blog. That lack became incredibly clear today as I watched the live stream of her memorial service. What she accomplished, with integrity and compassion, are an example to us all.

Many years ago at university, I discovered the concept of Eudaimon. It’s an impossible concept to distil into just a few words, but what stayed with me was the image of a man lying on his deathbed, looking back over his life and having no regrets. To live a whole life so well that you feel no regret over anything…that is an accomplishment few of us can claim. I think Mary can though.

Vale, Mary. You will not be forgotten.


Oh my god….’Don’t Look Up’

The Offspring gave me a month’s subscription to Netflix for my birthday. [Don’t ask] The first thing I watched was a MAGNIFICENT movie called ‘Don’t Look Up’. It’s a movie about the end of the world, and I wish I could make everyone watch it.

If you get the chance, please watch this movie. It’s a mirror that shows how grotesque our world has become.


10 year anniversary

It’s hard to believe but it’s true: I’ve been blogging here on WP for ten years. Ten!?!

The weirdest part though is that I’m still enjoying it, and most of that is down to YOU. 🙂

Thank you to all the funny, quirky, compassionate, caring, clever, challenging people who’ve come to Meeka’s Mind and turned it into a home. You’ve become my mob, my community, my digital family, and I love you all.

-huge hugs-

What not to do with egg whites :(

Or the glitch that ate Christmas. 😉

I got up early this morning to bake the sponge component of my chocolate mousse cake, but as I reached for the first egg, I discovered that one of them must have leaked into the container because all the eggs on the bottom layer were stuck.

I managed to rescue enough eggs to make the sponge, but what was I going to do with the other eight?

Once the cake was in the oven, I tried soaking the eggs in cold water. Nope….

Next, I dragged out a big pot, poured in some water, placed the container in the pot and heated the whole thing:

I thought the hot water would dissolve the egg white, but no dice. When I tried to pull one of the eggs free, part of the shell stuck to the bottom. Luckily, by this time the eggs had half poached so I waited a bit longer and pulled the others off as well. Each one left a bit of its shell behind:

I finished boiling the rescued eggs in another pot, and this is what they look like:

Not sure what I’ll do with so many boiled eggs, but at least only two were wasted. And lesson learned: egg white makes a great glue. So great, in fact, that I had to excavate the bits of shell from the inside of the container. The cake turned out well though.

Hope you enjoyed this Christmas Glitch and have none of your own. 🙂


Meeka says, “Merry Xmas!”

More importantly…stay well!


Insect bites, and how to ease an inflamed itch

I’m not talking about your common, garden variety mosquito bite here. I’m talking about the kind of bite that becomes swollen and red and itches more than you thought possible. The kind of bite that drives you crazy.

Two days ago, I was working in the garden, pulling weeds from one of the flowerbeds when I felt a couple of stings. One was inside my gardening glove, and I think it was an ant. The other three were one my torso, and I have no idea what bit me, or how. I took an anti-histamine when I went inside and it seemed to be okay. By the next day, however, all the bites had turned nasty.

I tried vinegar, my normal go-to, but it only eased the itch for a short time.

Then I tried making a paste out of bi-carb and spreading it over the bites. It did work for a while, but once the paste dried the itch returned, plus I was covered in dried bi-carb powder.

By this time, I’d taken Telfast during the day and Polaramine at night, but nothing much was working. In desperation I looked up cures for ant bites and found a post that recommended placing something cold on the bite…

It worked!

That first moment when the cold pack touched bare skin was pretty intense, but after that the itch disappeared like magic.

It’s not a permanent cure, but each time you do it, the angry, swollen flesh around the bite shrinks a little more. And it doesn’t make a mess, or smell like fish-‘n-chips. 🙂

Later me lovelies. Time to do some more gardening.

DOG BONE SOUP: Remembering Thanksgiving 1963

I’m Australian so Thanksgiving is not something that resonates with me, but I do remember the assassination of JFK, and how stunned we all were. I also remember how very much I loved Dog Bone Soup. If you haven’t read it I really, really recommend that you do. It’s simply brilliant.

Bette A. Stevens, Maine Author

JFK by Norman RockwellNovember 1963

It was a time in history when most American families held high hopes for their future and looked forward to enjoying a Thanksgiving meal with family and friends.  A few days before the holiday, an unforeseen tragedy struck the nation—President John F. Kennedy was assassinated on November 22nd. Although families from all walks of life were in mourning, most held that year’s Thanksgiving holiday in their hearts as they enjoyed a bountiful feast together and prayed for the healing of a stunned nation. Others were not so fortunate—the ones who did not know where their next meal was coming from. They were the poor, the indigent, the invisible people. They were praying, and they were hungry.

DOG BONE SOUP by Bette A. Stevens is a story about those invisible people.

DOG BONE SOUP (An excerpt from Chapter 22)

DOG BONE SOUP collage #1“BOYS, GET IN HERE. Hurry up!”

We set the groceries…

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18 subscribers – THANK YOU!

I have a confession to make, and an apology – I’ve never had a Youtube account before so I had no idea that so many of you had channels as well. I’ve just visited all my wonderful friends on Youtube, but I thought a general apology might be in order. I wasn’t ignoring you. Just sheer ignorance on my part.

Thank you one and all. Your support has made me enjoy this Youtube experiment even more. Huge hugs!


The Things I’ve Heard: Confessions of an Audiobook Narrator – By William L. Hahn…

If you’ve ever flirted with the idea of turning your books into audio books, this post is MUST READ!

Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog

on Anne R. Allen:

When Love and Need Become One

So here comes a heaping helping of what’s good for my soul. I’ve always told tales. I just had trouble, the first fifty years or so, believing that people would pay me to tell them.

But I had a revelation recently, the kind that comes with advancing age and wisdom, with an insight that I deserve work that makes me happy, and above all, with getting laid off. And for the better part of the past three years, this is what I do. Up early, look for auditions, record and edit the words of other fine authors and try to bring them to the ear.

Bottom Line: I could be richer, but I don’t think I could be happier.

I believe audiobooks are the most exciting aspect of your writing that you might not be paying attention to. I’ll try…

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How to get ahead with buzzwords

Matthew Wright is an historian from New Zealand. He’s also incredibly funny with a biting wit that will make you laugh out loud. If you’ve ever worked in corporate, you will LOVE this post. 🙂

Matthew Wright

I worked for many years in corporate communications. The organisation ran on buzzwords. They were amazing ways to get ahead. All you had to do was invoke them and you were in.

When I joined, the buzzword was ‘budgeting’. Everything had to be budgeted, meaning properly planned and costed ahead of time. However, most of the managers took it to mean ‘cut-back’. One outcome was that I ended up sharing a desk phone with the person next to me because it ‘saved money’ (the phone I’d had, which had already been paid for, was taken away).

The following year the buzzword changed to ‘management’. This involved people asserting that they were managing the place. Nothing else changed, although late in the year I noticed trucks driving around Wellington labelled ‘waste management’. Clearly there was so much management about that some of it was being thrown away.

After a while…

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