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Due to a problem with my author name – apparently neither Apple nor Kobo will accept a single word as a name – I have decided to change how I offer my books outside of Amazon.

I’m pleased to announce that I will now be offering permafree, epub versions of some of my books via this blog. Downloading these books is completely free. No newsletters, no obligation to leave a review. Zip. Nada. Just download and enjoy.

To download any of the books below, simply click on the cover of the book. The link will take you to a address from which you can download the epub version of the book.

There is no requirement to register with and no sign-in. Simply click the blue ‘Download’ button and save the epub file to your computer.

Once you have downloaded the book, connect your ereader to the computer and copy the book file across to the ereader.

I will add free, promotional books to the list from time to time, so please check back every so often.

You can also access all of my books on Amazon via the links in the sidebar.


Miira, book 1 of Innerscape

Click the cover to download the epub version of the book

‘Miira’ is the first book of the Innerscape trilogy and follows Miira Tahn’s journey from the real world into the virtual paradise of Innerscape. There she will live in a digital body as good as the real thing. Young, healthy, beautiful. Pain free.

But even Eden had a snake, and powerful interests from the real world are sending their tentacles into Innerscape. Their interest could destroy the happiness and welfare of all the Residents, including Miira Tahn.

The Vintage Egg

Click the cover to download the epub version of the book

The Vintage Egg is a book of six, science fiction short stories. Each story provides a unique insight into the world of the near future through the eyes of ordinary people from different walks of life.

The Vintage Egg is people-centric science fiction.

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