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My good friend and fellow Aussie, Frank Prem, just published a fascinating post about how the Camera Obscura works.
I was intrigued and I hope you will be too. Thanks, Frank!

Frank Prem Poetry

Thank you Andrea for asking about this. I’m a bit limited in what I know, I can tell a few things about it. Forgive me if I hash over old basics.

The Lens of the Eye

Camera Obscura works in much the same way (gross over-simplification) as the lens of the eye does. I found a diagram that will most likely be at least a little bit familiar to most readers.

The way the lens of the eye works –

So light/image enters the eye, and then is reversed onto the back of the eye. The brain then interprets the image so we can ‘see’ the image right waty around.

This is a little biological magic that we perform all day long and rarely stop to think about. So long as it works, it is as it should be.

Camera Obscura

Camera Obscura is not new. Leonardo da Vinci…

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