The Acolyte

I was going to do a cooking post today, but everything fell into place with the graphic I’ve been working on so I couldn’t resist showing you:

The blue background is only temporary as it helps to make the image ‘pop’ much better than a plain white one.

Apart from showing off, I’d also like your feedback on what you think is the ‘feel’ of the image. I’m hoping for something to come through the body language, but as I already know the story, I lack the ability to view it objectively.

So, the red beastie is a Tukti. This is the concept image I finished a while ago:

Happy Tukti

The figure holding the Tukti is the Acolyte. I introduced the Acolyte in the first book:

‘The Female was fast asleep when the steady drip, drip of the timepiece was joined by the scrape of wood across sand.

It was a small sound, as was the gap that appeared between the edge of the door and its frame. The gap was just wide enough to admit two twiggy fingers tipped with blunted claws. The fingers strained at the wood to no avail.

A dull thump sounded from the other side of the door as something heavy hit the sand. Two more fingers appeared and four blunted claws dug into the wood as the fingers jerked at the door. Each jerk widened the gap a little further until persistence finally triumphed, and the opening became wide enough for a small black face to appear.

Everything about that face was small, except for the eyes, which glowed huge and golden in the soft, blue light of the chamber’s single glow-worm.

After darting a timid glance from left to right, the face disappeared only to be replaced a moment later by a small black rump. Over-sized, jet black wings swept the sand as the hunched shape of the small iVokh backed into the chamber, dragging a sloshing leather bota. The water sack was almost as tall as the iVokh itself.

Diminutive by any standard, the healers’ acolyte looked more like an iVokhti than a fully-grown iVokh. In fact, the only parts of its anatomy close to normal size were its wings, and they seemed far too large for its small frame.’

Excerpt from Vokhtah, book 1 of the Suns of Vokhtah

The Acolyte, and the Tukti, have important roles to play in the ongoing story so I’d love your feedback on both of them. Do you get some kind of a feel from the image? Does it tell a ‘story’ or is it just a static image? If you saw this image as part of the cover of a book, would it pique your interest at all?

I know that not many of you are scifi tragics like me, but I’d still love to know what you think.

Many thanks,

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8 responses to “The Acolyte

  • Anonymole

    The hooded being is either about take a bite out of the red creature, weep over it, or utter an incantation to attempt to revive it. Maybe an examination is in progress, “Alive? Cause of death? This one bears no jewels. Bring me the others.”

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  • robbiesinspiration

    Hi Meeks, these are very good images. In the first one, the black creature (the acolyte?) seems to be carefully carrying the orange creature and is sad or remorseful.

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  • ChrisJamesAuthor

    Yup, have to agree with Audrey there.
    I think one real benefit of having these two characters as part (an element) of a future cover would be having a comparative size visual. While Vokhtah is brilliantly written, as no humans or other recognisable animals are in it, the various size differences between the creatures might require a bit of effort for some readers to imagine. So, I think that top image could be really good on the cover if worked into a suitable surrounding image. Great job!

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    • acflory

      Thanks, Chris, that’s a great point about the size comparison. And not just for Readers! lol When I first started creating these visuals, it was to give Readers some idea of what the characters looked like, but I discovered things about them that I didn’t know as well. The discovery about the second set of arms came about as a result of trying to create plausible wings, while the significance of eye colour didn’t occur to me until quite recently.
      I’d like to use the image as a cover but a lot will depend on how well the background works. I like covers to tell a visual story but too much clutter is bad for thumbnail sized images. We’ll see. 😀

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  • Audrey Driscoll

    Overall, the image exudes sorrow and grief. The black figure appears to be in mourning for the apparently dead Tukti.
    On the other hand, it feels sinister. Maybe the black figure has killed the Tukti? That was my first impression, but it was fleeting.
    I would like to know what happened!
    I like the blue background. It suits the colours of the two figures.

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