Tech Thrillers You Won’t Put Down

Jacqui Murray writes the kind of tech thrillers I love to read, and now she’s reviewed all three books of my Innerscape trilogy.

If you have a moment, please pop over to Jacqui’s blog and read what she has to say. I’ll give you a hint – I can’t stop smiling. πŸ˜€


I recently finished the tech thriller trilogy, Innerscape, by acflory. What a read this is–a future that could come to pass if the virtual world takes over. I’d compare it to Star Trek’s holodecks, but under Andrea’s creative pen, it’s more far-reaching, more believable, and more frightening. Though each of the three books does tell it’s own story, I think readers would benefit from reading them in order, starting with Book 1, Miira.

I’m a geek at heart and love well-drawn, intricate tech thrillers. Acflories delivered this so for all books in this trilogy, I award them 5/5:

  1. Miira–Miira Tahn trades a life of pain and limitations for the future of her dreams, lasting until she dies.
  2. The Godsend–Miira finds out that, though Innerscape is a fictional construct of a massive AI, it doesn’t mean it’s without danger
  3. Nabatea–The conclusion to this tech-nastic thriller


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