Omicron – data from South Africa


Dr John Campbell goes through the latest scientific data about the effect Omicron is having in South Africa:

There is too much information to reduce it to a few dot points so I strongly recommend that you watch the whole video.


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10 responses to “Omicron – data from South Africa

  • Matthew Wright

    Interesting stuff – and scary. One always hopes that a version will emerge that is generally less virulent, but Omicron doesn’t seem to be it. Currently there are cases of Omicron in NZ, ‘at the border’ in the quarantine hotels. Doubtless it will get into the community; apart from anything else, the word ‘at the border’ is misleading because the quarantining involves travel by bus to hotel facilities in the main centres. Sure, they’re isolated, but there have been multiple ‘mixing’ incidents. Meanwhile, Delta is about to sweep the country because government lifted the 4-month lockdown around Auckland for what look suspiciously like political reasons, albeit with a certain leavening of social well-being in the mix.

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    • acflory

      Ugh. That sounds an awful lot like what happened here in Victoria. I fear there comes a point when govt throws up its hands and eases restrictions because they rely mostly on trust and goodwill, and a whole lot of people have neither.
      To be honest, I haven’t felt safe here since our state govt gave up the ghost and went with ‘living with covid’.
      There is some new data that suggests Omicron attacks the bronchial tubes rather than the alveoli of the lungs. But no one really knows how severe that could still end up.

      As a lot of people have been saying, even if Omicron only makes a small percentage of people sick, when everyone’s infected, that small percentage becomes a very big number.


    • James William

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  • D. Wallace Peach

    Scary, Andrea. Cases and deaths are going up here, but it’s great to know that there’s some T-Cell immunity that is providing protection from both vaccinated and previously infected people. Thanks for sharing!.

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