6 hour blackout

I’m rushing to get this out because our area is losing power from 9am to 3pm.

Voktah, book 1 of The Suns of Vokhtah, will be free as at 0:01 am Amazon time on March the 16th [northern hemisphere].

Sorry my fellow Aussies. Timezone differences mean that it won’t be free until some time in our afternoon today [the 17th]. That’ll teach us to be ahead… mwahahaha!

Ahem. I’ll post some direct links as soon as they become available.


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I am the kind of person who always has to know why things are the way they are so my interests range from genetics and biology to politics and what makes people tick. For fun I play online mmorpgs, read, listen to a music, dance when I get the chance and landscape my rather large block. Work is writing. When a story I am working on is going well I'm on cloud nine. On bad days I go out and dig big holes... View all posts by acflory

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