What the hell, Amazon? Update

Firstly, thank you to everyone who checked their Amazon accounts to see if my paperbacks were available. Your feedback has helped me narrow down some possible answers – i.e. that the problem has something to do with my use of Ingram Spark for countries not covered by the Amazon marketplaces. I’ve sent an email off to KDP support outlining what the problem is and what we’ve ‘found’. I’ll keep you posted about the outcome.

And while I was messing around with my KDP dashboard, I came across a new, beta version of the Reports. I rarely used them in the past because they were so…useless. I’m thrilled to say that the new, beta version is MUCH better.

As I was tootling around the beta version, I discovered that I’ve earned roughly $15 AUD from sales in Australia! That really surprised me. It also made me dance with joy because it was so unexpected. I do have online friends from Australia, but I just didn’t think they’d be buying.

Okay, okay, I never think anyone is buying. That is more of my upbringing at work, and it’s not helped by the fact that Amazon US will only pay me when, or if, my total sales reach $100. So far I’ve only had one payment that passed that threshold so it’s not all my fault.

I’ve often wondered what happens to that residue if you unpublish with Amazon. Or die. Or never reach $100. Are they allowed to keep those funds, however small, forever? Hopefully one day, Amazon will change its payment system so we can be paid via Paypal or something. Ah well.

Anyway, thank you for all your help, and an extra thank you to the Aussies who’ve taken a chance on my stories. 🙂


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I am the kind of person who always has to know why things are the way they are so my interests range from genetics and biology to politics and what makes people tick. For fun I play online mmorpgs, read, listen to a music, dance when I get the chance and landscape my rather large block. Work is writing. When a story I am working on is going well I'm on cloud nine. On bad days I go out and dig big holes... View all posts by acflory

33 responses to “What the hell, Amazon? Update

  • Matthew Wright

    Fingers crossed for a successful resolution – I’ve found KDP usually pretty good, but sometimes slow. I set up an Amazon author page to promote my in-print books by various publishers along with my back-list titles. My latest problem has been books by Matthew Wright magically appearing on my author page. Alas, this Matthew Wright isn’t me, and the books are weirdo pseudo-science self-help woo woo. Not just antithetic to my brand, but actively damaging. I got KDP to remove them – individually, one by one on a case basis. Six times so far. On the final occasion they explained it was because their system auto-populates author pages, based on name. If an author doesn’t have a page, the system will auto-assign it to someone with that name who does. Sigh…

    Their threshold payment system for non-US publishers is annoying and unjust. Not all my author page books pay royalties to me (the publisher gets them, then I get paid) but I did put some of my older back-list titles up myself for direct income. I’ve had money accumulating in some of their more obscure ‘marketplaces’ since 2015 without getting a single cent. Mr Bezos gets use of my money, though, and yours, and probably tens of millions of other people – and I am sure Amazon are well aware of the point.

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    • acflory

      Yes, those automated systems are both Amazon’s strength and its greatest weakness. 😦
      As for the payment rort…yes. I’m sure I’ve had one or two obscure sales that have been languishing since 2013. Either Amazon’s systems are so inept they can’t cope with non-US sales, or it’s a handy way to have use of millions of small sales amounts.
      Years ago I read of a banking scam in which someone skimmed just a few cents for thousands or millions? of accounts and walked away with millions of /dollars/ because no one noticed.
      We notice, but we can’t really do anything about it.

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      • Matthew Wright

        Being a bit of a cynic I have little doubt that Amazon’s policy of threshold payments overseas is intentional and they are extremely well aware of the benefits. They rate at least two or three ‘e’s in the Evil Scale. (This is a scale a friend and I developed – the number of ‘e’s in the word ‘evil’ ranks the corporate’s attitude to customers. Amazon are Eeevil at least).

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  • D. Wallace Peach

    I forget how difficult it is to work with Amazon in countries outside the US. It seems that in this digital age, it shouldn’t matter what country we live in – especially when it comes to ebooks. I know that doesn’t help with paperbacks, but even that shouldn’t be brain surgery! I hope it’s getting worked out. And congrats on the Australia sales – of course there are sci-fi fans next door. Your books should be best sellers everywhere. ❤ Hugs.

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  • marianallen

    If you haven’t joined Amazon’s Author Central, DO! Any time KDP has been unresponsive to a request or a problem, I’ve contacted Author Central. They always say they have no influence over Amazon, but the problem is fixed quickly.

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  • DawnGillDesigns

    I occasionally open my Folksy shop (UK makers and sellers only, so it chimes with my local sentiments, but, my god, it’s a cumbersome marketplace) and they have a minimum threshold below which one can’t pay the fees associated with a sale. It meant I owed them a couple of pounds for 4 months before I insisted then sent me a bill as I knew I wouldn’t be putting more stock on there. IT’s not in the same league, as I owed them, but I thought I’d share ;-). Congrats on the sales – and who is to say they are sales to chums? They are probably as a result of the promotions and recommendations. Let’s hope they continue.

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    • acflory

      Yeah, it’s a hard one isn’t it? You need the exposure, but often it’s more trouble than it’s worth. I’m starting to think seriously about having some kind of merchant option. But then I think about the admin. work involved and…stop thinking about it. :d
      I don’t know who these wonderful Aussies are as no one’s let on.

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  • cagedunn

    They do allow you to enter information about your bank, but not all banks seem to be acceptable – no idea why.

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  • dumbestblogger

    I don’t think they’ll ever change their payment system. Why would they willingly let go of money which could be padding their bottom line? Something a fellow blogger wrote about YouTube a few months ago that really got my gears turning.


    If Amazon can dip off the little guys, why not?

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  • Audrey Driscoll

    Good news! Keep us posted on the paperbacks, and good for you being recognized in your own country.
    On the other hand, almost all of us can rightfully say we’re “internationally published.”

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