My Favourite bits…in Miira

Stephen King famously advised writers to murder their darlings, but thanks to Audrey Driscoll, another excellent writer, I’m about to do the exact opposite! I’m going to tell you which of my ‘darlings’ I like the most, and why. But I’m also opening these questions up to my writer friends. Which bits of your stories do you like the best? More importantly, why those bits instead of others?

I thought long and hard about those questions myself, and in the end, I kept coming back to two, very different scenes from Miira, book 1 of the Innerscape science fiction trilogy. The first one features the main character, Miira Tahn.

In the following short excerpt, Miira has just entered Innerscape [a virtual world for the old, sick and dying, or at least those wealthy enough to pay the price of admission]. As the final step in her ‘orientation’, Miira must attend a fashion show at which she will meet most of Innerscape’s current Residents. She’s been hurt by these kinds of people before, but she’s learned to beat them at their own game:

Thanks to Miira’s determination to find just the right ‘armour’, she and the girls were fashionably late by the time they finally arrived at the venue for the fashion show. All around them, beautiful people filled the spacious room, chatting over exquisite canapés and sipping the finest simulated champagne.

Yet even so, their arrival did not go unnoticed. Emily, and Jane wore lovely pastel frocks that enhanced their colouring, but both looked a little insipid next to Miira’s neon presence. She sailed through the crowd like a bright red exclamation mark, impossible to miss and even harder to ignore.

Smiling and nodding at the Residents she recognized, Miira led the way to their seats as if unaware of the ripples she was causing.

The front row seats they had been assigned would give them an unobstructed view of the gorgeous creations soon to grace the catwalk, but Miira knew the seats would also give the Residents an unobstructed view of her. She would be under the microscope, and heaven help her if they found any chinks in her armour.

She had always hated the scrutiny that was part and parcel of her role as the Lady, but over the years she had learned to give as good as she got. Now, as she waited for the show to begin, she welcomed the gorgeous people who approached with a half-smile and a knowing look.

The women did not like her, air-kisses notwithstanding, but each man looked her up and down with cool intent.

Miira returned their looks, her hooded eyes hinting at promises she had no intention of keeping.

Taken from Miira, book 1 of Innerscape

Miira is not me. But she may be the person I would like to have been during the six, miserable years I spent in an all-girl, Catholic convent school. I’d always gotten on better with boys than girls in primary school, so high school with only girls was… a shock. I learned that girls en masse are not always kind.

So the chip on Miira’s shoulder was probably inherited from me, but I like how she fought back. And I like the colour red.

Tomorrow I’ll tell you about another one of my favourites, but this time the person wearing red will be the assassin. Make of that what you will. lol

Your turn!


p.s. Don’t forget that Miira will be free on for five days starting on January 19, 2021!

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19 responses to “My Favourite bits…in Miira

  • D. Wallace Peach

    I remember that scene. I have a strong dislike of glamour and competitive women, the whole cultural tendency to reduce women to bodies and objects. For that reason, it wasn’t my favorite despite Miira’s determination. I think my favorite scenes were those where she was the most vulnerable and had to be brave and trust. Those were riveting.

    Isn’t that interesting though. I actually love how we as readers become part of the story in a way. We empathize, relate, and join with the emotional experiences of the characters in different ways depending on what we personally bring with us to the read. As authors we have control over all aspects of the story but that one. There’s one seat open at the table for the reader and we never know who will show up.

    That said, gorgeous writing, Andrea. “She sailed through the crowd like a bright red exclamation mark, impossible to miss and even harder to ignore.” Phew. That’s one perfect line that says it all. I LOVED the whole series.

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    • acflory

      Man…you picked /my/ favourite line out of the whole scene! High Five my friend. 😀
      And yes, we can never know who will plop down in that seat and stay till lights out.
      Oddly enough, I learned that lesson not from writing but from music. Years ago when I first published the Innerscape story, I included giveaways of the music I loved while writing. Some people loved the music, but I eventually realised that most people didn’t feel much one way or that other. The music didn’t resonate with them.
      I that’s true of everything, and it constantly amazes me. In a good way. 🙂
      But now you really do have to ‘fess up. What about you? What bits do you /still/ love the most, out of all your books???

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  • Bette A. Stevens

    Love the excerpt and now I’m hooked! 💞

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  • marianallen

    My favorite bits in my pieces are the ones where my characters are up against it. Those moments when a character has to reach inside and think faster or act more selflessly or deceive more effectively.

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  • David Prosser

    You made Mira strong but with certain vulnerabilities, she’s a stand-out character. My own favourite book to write was The Queen’s Envoy as it was fun to give myself some James Bond qualities in difficult situations. Imagining myself in certain places trying to unravel problems entertained me. Of course, I couldn’t be too heroic and couldn’t cope with the adoration of the (fictional) ladies which certainly ended when from Paris I took my wife a Herpes Scarf instead of what I’d intended.

    Liked by 1 person

    • acflory

      -giggles- A Herpes Scarf! I remember laughing at your antics in that one but I don’t remember that. Maybe I should re-read it to see what else I missed. 😀
      And thanks for the kind words about Miira. 🙂


  • Audrey Driscoll

    What struck me most was the contrast between scenes like this and the physical processes of entering Innerscape–harrowing and wonderful at the same time.
    As for best bits from my books, I’m especially fond of Islands of the Gulf Vol. 2, The Treasure. It’s the only one of the series narrated by Herbert/Francis. Writing it was quite an experience!

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