Covid-19 and ventilation

Just a very quick update regarding the possibility of viral spread via air conditioning in close, confined spaces:

I remember some years back there were a spate of Legionnaire Disease outbreaks caused by contaminated air conditioning units. You’d hope that the technology has improved since then, but if it hasn’t, then shopping malls, supermarkets, trains, trams, buses etc could be pathways for the spread of this virus.

If true, the wearing of masks becomes even more important.


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10 responses to “Covid-19 and ventilation

  • MELewis

    This is very worrying, especially for airplanes. My daughter is flying here from the UK in a week’s time. I wonder how much good a mask will do?

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  • Remembering Lives

    My gut feeling is this is correct. I went out today, expecting to see everybody wearing masks. Of course they weren’t. Three times in recent weeks, I have had people try to get in the lift with me. One ignored me and got in anyway. I ended up getting off in the car park just to get out of the lift with her. Meeka I want to thank you for the great information. Lovely to see your cheery face. I have just come in from trying to dodge people and feeling embarrassed covering my face, so I am scowling. My mother refers to the “It’ll never happen to me” attitude of many people.
    I was devastated when my son got pneumonia at about four years old. He went from fine to desperately ill in the space of a few hours. As a teacher I have seen more than a few tragedies, so I know bad things really can happen to anybody. The complacency is really exasperating.

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    • acflory

      -hugs- I know exactly what you mean. I know the ‘young’ are supposed to feel and act immortal, but bad stuff does happen, even to them. I recently saw a short video of a young 23 year old man – fit and healthy except for Type 1 diabetes. He contracted Covid-19 and had a terrible time. 3 months down the track and he still has respiratory issues.
      The messaging has to stop being about how hard life is and change to how hard getting sick with this damn virus is.
      -sigh- Sorry. I’ve just been learning what’s happened in Sweden and I want to scream. 😦

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  • Carol anne

    that is one reason I wont get on a plane right now! I hope its not true and it doesnt spread that way but now people are saying it can be spread in air particles as well!

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