Sourdough from scratch

I don’t actually like the taste of sourdough, sorry, but I absolutely loved this Youtube demonstration of how to create your own sourdough starter.

You know how I’m obsessed with teaching ‘absolute beginners’? Well, this video how-to is literally the best I have seen. It’s clear, perfectly paced and step-by-step, with no small-but-vital bits of knowledge taken for granted.

Seriously, if sourdough is your thing, this video could change your life.

You’re welcome. πŸ˜€


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8 responses to “Sourdough from scratch

  • Scottie

    Hello Meeka. I use to make bread with a bread machine. Was grand. But after I went three of them, I got a different make, and the bread was horrible, no matter what we tried. Last year I gave Ron a Kitchenaid pro stand mixer and we are using it now to make bread from scratch. I am looking for a good soft white bread recipe that is good for diabetics. We use splenda in place of sugar which works great, but we avoid bread recipes that have honey. If you or your readers have a good recipe I would love to see them. Also I would love your pizza dough recipe as that and rolls are the next projects we want to try. Thanks, best wishes. Hugs

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    • acflory

      Hi Scottie. Bread making really has become a necessity again, hasn’t it? Oh for the days when you could nip down to the local hot bread bakery and buy a crisp, fluffy white loaf any time you felt like it… -sigh-
      Okay, my pizza dough recipe is very simply, but it doesn’t include sugar AT ALL. We tend to like our food less sweet, but I’ll give you a link to the recipe anyway:

      To turn that recipe into bread, I simply let it rise twice, the second time in the container it would bake in. Oh, and I sprinkled a little extra salt on top.

      It’s not baguette-type light and fluffy, but it did taste like real bread and was great toasted. Be warned though, it won’t stay fresh for days like commercial bread, so make 1/2 quantity when you want to eat it. Have fun. πŸ™‚

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  • DawnGillDesigns

    I love sourdough. We have found it very challenging to find strong flour, and impossible to restock yeast, so started one a couple of weeks ago. I was hoping you would have a successful method to share , cos so far the bread tastes heavenly, but is super dense!

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  • Matthew Wright

    Looks interesting! Personally I really like sourdough bread. Alas, it doesn’t like me. Had the same issue with an attempt to make home-brew beer. The problem was the yeasts, which was annoying as (apart from anything else) I quite like these exercises in applied chemistry!

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    • acflory

      There’s a Belgian bakery near here and they ferment their breads for at least 24 hours. I spoke the the baker and apparently that makes the bread better for you. Still not quite sure why. I wonder if that would make a difference for you? Can you eat commercial bread?


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