Covid-19 – stealth virus?

Apologies, I had a completely different post in mind for today, but this update is really important. When Covid-19 first started to spread, we were told that people might be a little infectious a day or two before symptoms developed, but they shed most of the virus [i.e. infected others] after the symptoms became obvious. It seems the advice was wrong.

New evidence suggests that the reason Covid-19 is spreading so widely across the world is because most of those infected are asymptomatic – i.e. have no symptoms at all, not even mild ones. Effectively, this makes Covid-19 a stealth virus, similar to HIV [part of the reason HIV spread as far as it did was because victims did not know they had it].

Dr John Campbell does a good job of explaining the evidence for the new findings and highlights why testing is now more vital than ever.

Adding to these sources is the data from Iceland. Because Iceland has a very small population and very good health care, they did a lot of testing per capita. What they found was that roughly 50% of those testing positive for Covid-19 were asymptomatic.

So far, most countries have only tested those people who are already symptomatic – i.e. to confirm the presence of the virus – or those who may have come in contact with infected people. There has been no testing of the population in general. Without general testing, we cannot know who is infected and who isn’t. More importantly, we cannot know who is spreading the infection, and who isn’t.

Lockdowns are a shotgun approach that works because it effectively assumes that everyone is a spreader. But this is only a short term solution. We cannot come out of lockdown until we know who the spreaders really are. That means testing on a grand scale.

If you are on other forms of social media, please pass this information on as it could influence our leaders to get serious about testing.


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11 responses to “Covid-19 – stealth virus?

  • robertawrites235681907

    I real another medical article about this, Meeks. At least the world’s knowledge about this virus is increasing.

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  • anne54

    I was pleased to see Daniel Andrews ramping up the testing in Victoria. As you say, it needs to happen all around the country. We have lower numbers at the moment, and have the space and people to carry through the vital tracking that comes with increasing the testing. Without the testing we cannot safely come out of this lockdown. It is an approach that Dr John has been advocating in almost every video.

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    • acflory

      Yes. And in fact the WHO, maligned though they may be, were also advocating ‘testing, testing, testing’ right from the point at which they admitted we were in a pandemic. Sadly, govts didn’t listen. Or perhaps they couldn’t follow through. The downside of ‘just-in-time’ global trade is that it falls in a heap when things go wrong. Yet another thing to consider when we come out the other side.


  • CarolCooks2

    More to digest and hope our leaders take heed…Be safe and well Meeka 🙂

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    • acflory

      Yes, there’s just so much info floating around but the big picture still seems to be kind of fuzzy. Hopefully that’ll change as scientists worldwide get access to more and better data.
      Stay well too. 🙂


  • Alicia Butcher Ehrhardt

    Sorry to say NOTHING will influence our leaders. Their ears and eyes are CLOSED to scientific evidence by DESIGN.

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    • acflory

      Seems that way. 😦 Australia is doing quite a lot of testing, per capita, but still not for the general populace. In my state, the Premier has just said that anyone who wants to get tested can now do so. The Federal govt and the other states haven’t followed suit yet. Lack of tests? Wary of the cost? I don’t know. I’m just glad that in /my/ state, we have a leader who’s more on the ball.
      I hope that individual states in the US will be the same, even if certain politicians are still dragging their feet. :/


      • Alicia Butcher Ehrhardt

        Our Governor in California is one of the ones who seems on the ball – I’m glad. Also, the one back in New Jersey, the new(er) Democratic governor (who replaced the disaster, Republican Chris Christie – you might have noticed him sucking up to Trump, and being dumped), he seems to be doing okay – but the situation there, near New York City, got dire very quickly.

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