Covid-19 – if the worst should happen…

I found this video of Dr John Campbell’s incredibly informative and just had to share:

The info. is focused on how a partner or relative should care for someone with Covid-19, but some of the info. could easily apply to someone at home alone. If you know what to look for and when to call for help, the life you save could be your own.



p.s. I recently found out why it’s recommended that you wash your hands for 20 seconds. Apparently the Covid-19 virus is protected by an outer fatty? membrane, and 20 is how long it takes the soap to destroy that membrane and thus, kill the virus.

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23 responses to “Covid-19 – if the worst should happen…

  • D. Wallace Peach

    Thank you so much for sharing this. I saw the post yesterday but wanted to watch the whole thing with the hubby, so we waited until this morning. Very helpful and some things I did not know! Favoriting it and hoping I won’t need it. You’re wonderful for sharing, my friend. Knowledge is power! ❀ ❀

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    • acflory

      No thanks needed. I believe knowledge is power too, and if I can help spread that knowledge I’ll be doing something, however small, to help.

      Gawd, listen to me. You can take the girl out of the church but you can’t take catholicism our of the girl. -rolls eyes-

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  • Remembering Lives

    I actually ended up subscribing to this guy. I see today he gave Australia a big tic. He was impressed at the way measures which have been taken mean that Australia’s figures are levelling already. He was rather disappointed that golf courses and apparently hairdressers (?) are stil open. I don’t know whether he took into account the fact that we are now heading into Winter.


    • acflory

      Yay! I’m delighted. I think he’s an absolute treasure. And yes, we rarely feature so it was nice to get a pat on the back. Let’s just hope the downward trend continues. The thing that worries me is that Singapore, the original poster child, is now having to clamp down harder as a second ‘wave’ hits. We’re not out of the woods yet.

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  • Widdershins

    That bit about WHY hand-washing is so important was so simple. I don’t think I’ve ever heard it spelled out so clearly before. πŸ™‚


  • Bette A. Stevens

    Thanks for sharing, Meeks! πŸ™‚ Stay safe and take good care of you. xo


  • Candy Korman

    The 20 second hand washing message was the first one to break through to most New Yorkers. On the TV and radio news, they were recommending that we sing the ‘birthday song.’ That gets old FAST. I’ve worked my way through classic musicals. Coming up with some favorites for hand washing… “I’m Gonna Wash That Man Right Out of My Hair” from South Pacific is funny as is “I Feel Pretty” from West Side Story, but my go-to ditties (as I sing/wash so many times during the day it’s crazy and my hands require heavy duty lotions) are: “Anything Goes” from Anything Goes, and “Got a Lot of Living To Do” from Bye Bye Birdie. At this point in the social isolation epicenter, you have to be creative as you entertain yourself and combining virus prevention AND classic musicals works for me. So… In olden days a glimpse of stocking was looked on as something shocking now heaven knows, anything goes. Good authors who once knew better words now only use four letter words writing prose, anything goes. The world has gone made today … Thank you Cole Porter!

    Wherever you live WASH YOUR HANDS and sing if it keeps you scrubbing longer!

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  • anne54

    I’ve just finished watching that video too, and he gave me answers to things that I haven’t had answers to before. Even though he is detailing such dreadful information and tragic statistics, I find him reassuring. His explanations for how the virus works, attacks the respiratory system and so on are always clear without being patronising. Thanks for putting me onto him, Meeks. He is part of my daily routine now.

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    • acflory

      I feel the same way too, Anne. He has a knack of explaining complicated things in a simple, understandable way. I hope we never need to put any of this particular video into practice but…forewarned really is for armed. -hugs-


  • CarolCooks2

    These videos are very helpful..good info about the handwashing…Thank you..Stay safe and well πŸ™‚ xx


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