Covid-19 – drilling down

There is nothing specifically new in Dr John’s update today, yet in some ways I found it even more compelling than previous videos because he’s talking about what this virus means for us. What it means for our lives. And why our behaviour can cause the death of people we may never see.

We have to move past the…inconvenience that Covid-19 may cause us to a concern about others.

Some will think this is Care Bear stuff, but the bottom line is that no society or culture can survive if we’re all just in it for ourselves.

The compassion and integrity we show now, to others, will determine what kind of society we have when this pandemic finally ends.

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9 responses to “Covid-19 – drilling down

  • D. Wallace Peach

    Gun and ammunition sales in the US increased 300% this month, but there are lots of people who are turning to kindness and compassion. We’ve been glued to the news, Andrea, until it becomes too much and we have to go outside in the garden and un-stress. What a weird dystopic time. Thanks for the share. I’ve been following Dr. John too.


    • acflory

      Yes, we’ve heard about the gun sales, and I pity people so scared of each other that they have to resort to such things to feel ‘safe’.
      Like you, we’re glued to the news reports too. Thank goodness we are now starting to learn of true heroes. Just posted about the Formula 1 teams. I just wish there were more I can do to help. I guess we all have to use whatever tools we have in this fight. -hugehugs-

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      • D. Wallace Peach

        Yes, those positive stories are surfacing too. The world is full of good hearts. šŸ™‚


        • acflory

          You know I play an online game called Elder Scrolls Online? Well, I’ve been asking my guildmates to tell me about quiet heroes doing good things, and they’ve told me about groups they know that are making masks for use in homeless shelters, and others that are raising money for food banks. I’ve been tweeting about them to celebrate the goodness in people.

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  • CarolCooks2

    I think this virus is bringing out the very worst and also the very best of behaviours. I do hope that the very best of behaviours is what we take forward as it will be how we are defined as a race. If not then I do despair may kindness and humanity win…Stay safe and well Meeka xx


  • Alicia Butcher Ehrhardt

    Ableist language. Language intended to call someone’s intelligence into question. Ad hominem attacks. All diminish us, and lead to societies where some people are routinely pushed down.

    It isn’t necessary, as it also isn’t necessary to use the Lord’s Name in vain to swear.

    A disabled Canadian blogger, Dave Hingsburger, has made me more and more sensitive to the way we treat other people, talk TO them and ABOUT them.

    It isn’t necessary. It is possible to be quite scathing without it.


    • acflory

      lol – I forgot to turn comments off but I’m really glad now that I did. Yes and yes. Right from the start of this crisis, the message has been ‘if you’re young and healthy, you have nothing to worry about’.

      But the sub-text has been that those who do have a lot to be worried about don’t matter.
      ‘So go out, have fun, spend money, ignore the plight of the vulnerable. So long as it doesn’t affect you, who cares?’

      Sorry, Alicia, but the self-centredness I see all around makes my blood boil. Thank heavens I’ve been saved from utter rage by small acts of caring and kindness, often by strangers. I’ll stop ranting now.


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