Getting Started with KDP

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KDP is the self-publishing arm of On the KDP website, you can create both digital and print versions of your book. The print version is produced using the Print On Demand [POD] technology described in the section on ‘Frequently Asked Questions‘.

To get started with KDP, open your internet browser and go to:

You should now be looking at the KDP website:

‘Sign in’ or ‘Sign up’ with KDP

Click the Sign in button and enter your Amazon ID and password.

If you do not have an Amazon account, click the Sign up button.

You should now see the following popup:

Near the bottom of the popup is a button to create a KDP account [circled in orange].

Click Create your KDP account and follow the instructions to sign up with KDP.

Note: if your country has a Trade Treaty with the US, you may be eligible to have the 30% Withholding Tax reduced to 5%. Amazon will prompt you to fill in a tax exemption form. You can sign it electronically.

After your account has been created, sign in to KDP.

The KDP Bookshelf

Whenever you sign in to KDP, you will be taken to your Bookshelf first. This is where you will find all your books, both ebooks and paperbacks. The Bookshelf is also where you will ‘Create a New Title’ – i.e. start setting up your new paperback or ebook:

Other major areas include Reports, Community and KDP Select.

The Reports page allows you to view sales figures and royalty amounts. The Community option will take you to the KDP forums, and the KDP Select option provides marketing information for ebooks.

Create a new title

To begin setting up a new paperback, click +Paperback on your KDP Bookshelf.

You should now be looking at the setup screen which contains three tabs – Paperback Details, Paperback Content, and Paperback Rights & Pricing.

The Paperback Details tab is open and ready for you to add information about your book. In the next section we will look at those details one by one.

Click here to display the Table of Contents

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