Support Your Local Indie Author – Guest Post by Joel Bresler…

Hmm…you’d think I’d know the difference between ‘Press This’ and ‘Reblog’. Ah well, second time lucky!

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Indie Book Marketing 101’s first rule is: use social media to promote your books. Thus directed, indie authors excitedly create flashy websites, engaging Facebook pages, Instagramaccounts, etcetera, and are then faced with the dilemma of how to ask their friends, family and anybody else who happens to land on one to buy their books.

    For something that should be a pretty straightforward proposition, this can be embarrassingly awkward. The direct approach can come off as begging or, worse, like you’re trying to sell something. Youare trying to sell something, but you’re desperate not to sound like it. So, rather than come out and ask folks to buy your books, you, as an indie author, post book announcements, updates andcute graphics, which get lots of “likes” but no “buys”.

    Indie authors typically then seek…

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