WordPress settings – an apology

In an earlier post I mentioned that I’d had an unsatisfactory year with a particular email client. I thought that once I changed to Fastmail, all my problems would be over. Not quite. Everything seemed to be working properly, but I did notice a sudden drop in WordPress notifications. At first, I assumed this was simply because Fastmail was ‘catching up’ with the output from bloggers I follow. It’s now been almost a month, and I’m still not getting notifications from all the people I regularly read. What the…?

I guess I should have noticed something was wrong sooner, but as I was getting some email notifications, I just thought the missing bloggers weren’t posting much. Another thing that stopped me from investigating sooner was that I was finding some posts via Twitter. Given that my brain is getting older, it never occurred to me to check for those same posts in my inbox…

But enough excuses.This morning I finally went into my WordPress Reader/Streams/Followed sites/Manage and discovered that WP has done something weird again. To be exact, it seems to have changed the default settings to this:

Each slider button is set to ‘off’. When I turned the first ‘Email me new posts’ slider to ‘on’, I received an alert telling me to click a link to email notifications. There, I found a tick next to a checkbox about blocking email notifications. I’m pretty sure I didn’t do that. 😦

Once I unchecked that option, I noticed some of my old settings showing up again. Yay.

Working through my followers list one by one, I noticed that many of my ‘regulars’ had been turned off [like the pic above]. Some of these bloggers are people I consider to be friends as well as ‘regulars’. :/

To all of you, my sincerest apologies. I haven’t ignored you out of disinterest; I genuinely haven’t been getting notifications. 😦

Have I fixed the problem now? Sadly, I don’t know. The reason is that some bloggers with notifications turned off have still been appearing in my email inbox. Others, whose settings showed as ‘on’ already, haven’t been appearing.

Another problem is that I’m not sure exactly how the notification settings work. Do I need to turn on ‘Notify me of new posts’ as well as ‘Email me new posts’? The first one seems to be for web and mobile only so does it apply only to the WordPress Reader? Or is it a kind of pre-requisite for the other two options as well?

I have no idea at the moment, so I’m going to have to wait and see. In the meantime, please know that I’m having technical difficulties, and that I’m not snubbing you!



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6 responses to “WordPress settings – an apology

  • Yorgos KC

    I don’t think anyone have thought you’ve been ignoring them. Life happens. In this case, though, WP happened. πŸ˜…

    After reading your post I needed to check this on my reader, of course, although I *thought* I was getting my email notifications. Well, it seems that randomly some were on and some were off. πŸ˜’

    But what I can say is that turning “email me new posts” should work. Well, it appears to work for me. Then again, maybe I’m missing something and I don’t know of it. πŸ˜…


    • acflory

      I suspect my problems had something to do with that random ‘block’ tickbox. Haven’t checked my email this morning but I now know what the ‘notify by web and mobile’ does – it displays new posts from people I follow in the /notifications/ area, i.e. the place where I’m used to seeing only comments on my posts. -sigh-
      Clearly I’m going to have to go back and turn all those options off. I wonder which bright spark dev thought this would be a good idea? 😦

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      • Yorgos KC

        No idea, but it seems they find it a good idea anywhere. You can do that on Twitter, too, even before the new version. Many sites also ask to allow notifications. I’ve set my browser to automatically decline this request, but this works only as response to the site, itself. Not to accounts you are following on Twitter/WordPress/Anything like that, I guess.

        So, in short, there are many such “bright spark devs” who think this is a good idea…. 😫


        • acflory

          I haven’t noticed it in Twitter coz I have some filters on in the notification column of Tweetdeck. In WordPress, though, I have to allow email notifications because I simply can’t trust the Reader to display /my/ people. Anyway, my inbox was full last night so I guess it’s working again. πŸ™‚

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  • Geooorge

    It’s the AIs going rogue.
    That’s the rise of the machines, turning off settings and driving people crazy, not revolting with guns.

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