Lucid Energy turbines

Lucid Energy is running electricity turbines from the water flowing in the pipes of a city.

This provides baseload power with no emissions, and the technology can be retrofitted into any water pipe large enough.

Most drinking water pipes in most cities of the developed world can use this technology!

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11 responses to “Lucid Energy turbines

  • DawnGillDesigns

    Genius. Thanks so much for finding this. I’d not heard about water based energy generation being applied in this way either. shared on Twit. x


  • Widdershins

    There are so many other ways to generate usable energy that digging coal and oil out of the ground.

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  • Mick Canning

    It seems a no-brainer, doesn’t it? Should be implemented everywhere.

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  • Scottie

    Hello Meeka. I must be missing something. This tech has been well known and ready to be implemented anywhere people want it. Hugs


    • acflory

      Seriously? I literally did not know a thing about it until this morning when I stumbled across it via Twitter.
      Why isn’t it being rolled out by every city everywhere? I know Portland is doing it, but I’m not aware of it happening anywhere else. Do you have any more info.?

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      • Scottie

        Hello Meeka. When I was a kid in Vermont they used water turbines in a lot of the rivers and streams / creeks. Farmers used them. I do not think it was a official program it was just something people did.

        As for using it in city pipes I do not know of anyplace other than the article you mention. As a city has to pump the water in the pipes wouldn’t that turbine cause either a lack of pressure or need more power to pump? I originally thought of storm water as that is free flowing then thought of the debris problem. Plus the cost of digging up and add thing this pipe into the line would be expensive. So again I think I mislead you on the availability of this idea. I was thinking of the streams of my youth. Sorry. Hugs


        • acflory

          No, no! That’s great, Scottie coz you reminded me that we’ve been using water for power almost forever – mills were always built over fast flowing streams so of course it makes sense to have turbines there are well.
          I have no idea /how/ mains pressure drinking water is pumped so I don’t know whether the turbines would affect flow. I mean, yes, they would have to affect the flow to an extent, but maybe that’s calculated into the functioning of the turbines themselves. Either way I hope the Portland project turns out to be a success. 🙂

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