The Shame Of Our Nation … — Filosofa’s Word

“The Trump administration says it would require extraordinary effort to reunite what may be thousands of migrant children who have been separated from their parents and, even if it could, the children would likely be emotionally harmed.” – Associated Press, 02 February 2019 Say WHAT??? The first thing that comes to mind is … let’s […]

via The Shame Of Our Nation … — Filosofa’s Word

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12 responses to “The Shame Of Our Nation … — Filosofa’s Word

  • Widdershins

    This is what happens when you demonise ‘the other’ … you have the holocaust, and you have this.


  • greenpete58

    It’s beyond embarrassing to be American right now. But Trump is merely the ugly evolutionary endpoint of a system that went awry decades ago. We’ve been “manufacturing” a Trump for years here. All the guardrails of democracy here have been demolished or are being twisted out of shape: appalling Supreme Court decisions, violations of our Constitution by the legislative branch, a two-party system that has subverted democracy in favor of partisan ideology, a news press obsessed with ratings and celebrity, the rise of a vicious conservative media…and of course the toxic influence of big money into politics.

    Trump won’t be president forever, but the ecosystem that allowed him to rise to power will still exist.


    • acflory

      I hope you’re wrong, Pete, at least about the ‘ecosystem’. History may say that the one good thing Trump did was to shine a spotlight on the system itself, forcing change. That’s my hope because the pendulum has to start swinging back towards the middle eventually. 😦


      • greenpete58

        I’d love to believe that (the debacle of) Trump forced real change, at least in U.S. politics. Sadly, I don’t see it happening, even if the pendulum does swing back, like it did briefly at the start of the Obama years. I recently read a book that has influenced my thinking, called “How Democracies Die” (which I reviewed on my blog). Our two parties will have to shift back to the center, especially Republicans. With current conditions, this won’t happen soon.

        Then again, I could be wrong…maybe we’ll have another Great Depression to alter the landscape. Maybe we need a crisis on that scale.


        • acflory

          Ouch. I truly hope you’re wrong, Pete. Sadly, I agree with you re the threat to democracy. We all say we want democracy, but only if we are more equal than ‘them over there’. Very few truly believe in the concept of equality for all. 😦

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  • dvberkom

    It’s unreal living here. My response most days is wtf? I cannot wait until this pos is out of power.


  • Yvonne Hertzberger

    I have no more words for this piece of human dung and his cronies.


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