Microsoft Windows 7 update – ‘known issue’ never resolved

Warning: technical post with rant.

Because I’m a baby geek, I have my Windows Updates set to notify but not install. This gives me the chance to look at all the updates and decide which ones to install and which ones to ‘hide’.

Why bother?

Because of ‘known issues’ such as this one:


There is an issue with Windows and a third-party software that is related to a missing file (oem<number>.inf). Because of this issue, after you apply this update, the network interface controller will stop working.

Not ‘may stop working’ but ‘will stop working’. Ut oh.

Note: a ‘known issue’ is a problem introduced into the system by the update that the Microsoft developers couldn’t fix in time for that update. The problem with the ‘network interface controller’ [lovingly known as NIC] not working is that your internet connection stops working too.

Most of these ‘known issues’ get fixed as part of the next round of updates, so it pays not to be an early adopter. Sometimes, however, a ‘known issue’ comes with a workaround, or a fix. The fix for the ‘known issue’ with the NIC is this:

  1. To locate the network device, launch devmgmt.msc; it may appear under Other Devices.

  2. To automatically rediscover the NIC and install drivers, select Scan for Hardware Changes from the Action menu.

a. Alternatively, install the drivers for the network device by right-clicking the device and choosing Update. Then choose Search automatically for updated driver softwareΒ or Browse my computer for driver software.

I’m not a complete n00b when it comes to my computer, and I do know how to install drivers, but it seems to me that something is missing from step 1. Where am I supposed to launch ‘devmgmt.msc’ from? I suspect it’s the Run command line but I’m not sure.

The alternative might be easier as I think I know where to find the device listing, but if the old driver has been corrupted during the ‘problem’, I have no idea what driver the pc will re-install.

Will I have to dig out the very old motherboard setup disk which I may or may not be able to find?

Or will I have to carry my pc down to the repair shop to get someone more knowledgeable to ‘fix’ the update problem for me?

For all these reasons, I have not installed that particular update, but Microsoft continues to sneak it in under each successive optional ‘quality rollup’. It’s become so ridiculous that I just have to look at the size of the update – 229.2 MB – to know what’s in it.

When I first started ignoring this nasty update, I did so because I expected Microsoft to resolve this ‘known issue’ in much the same way as they resolve most other ‘known issues’. Better late than never, right?

Unfortunately, Microsoft has no intention of resolving this particuler issue. Or perhaps they can’t. Just for fun, I followed the link to More Information today and followed the trail of updates back as far as March 13, 2018 before I gave up. The issue with the NIC, and it’s nasty fix, were repeated in each and every update.

So now I’m wondering what happened to other Windows 7 users out there. Did they all install the original nasty update, fix their pc’s and move on? Or was there a tsunami of outrage that I missed?

I’m never going to install this update until Microsoft resolves the issue because this is a problem of their own making, and no company is so big that it should be allowed to get away with such obvious cheating.

Not happy,



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22 responses to “Microsoft Windows 7 update – ‘known issue’ never resolved

  • outsourcedguru

    I’ve just collected a number of “vintage” scans of old advertisements and to be honest, I realize that some of the marketing we get now is at least better groomed for acceptability across gender, race, age and what-have-you. At least we don’t have babies now in cigarette ads.


  • outsourcedguru

    If one were cynical, one could suggest that by purposely thwarting (what Microsoft considers to be) old OSs from working correctly (even crippling them on purpose), then they might think that you would resort to “fixing” your computer’s problem by purchasing a paid license of Windows 10.

    Think in terms of numbers. For every thousand people like you with the same problem, only one of them was dutiful enough to read the change logs, etc. So 999 of them bricked their computers. Some percentage of those bought new computers (with an OEM copy of Windows 10) and some bought a license of Windows 10 to install on their existing computers. Who knows what the remainder did… But two of the three paths resulted in money to Microsoft.


    • acflory

      lol – if I were also cynical, I might find myself agreeing with your, um, hypotheticals. But, of course, I know that corporations worth billions wouldn’t stoop so low as to deliberately sabotage their users just to make a buck. Right…right? : D πŸ˜€


      • outsourcedguru

        Apple was actually caught adding code which detects older hardware and then inserts delays, making you think that you need to buy a new phone, tablet or MacBook. So it’s not unheard of in the business.


        • acflory

          OMG….seriously? That gives a whole new meaning to ‘planned obsolescence’.

          I know I’m old fashioned but I really wish we could go back to a time when products competed on /quality/, not the effectiveness of their marketing. We’re being used and either don’t know it, or don’t care. 😦


  • Candy Korman

    There is NOTHING like a geek rant to spin the head of non-techies like me. Keep on ranting and pointing out the problems!


  • DawnGillDesigns

    I feel your pain. I’m not as smart as you, and had a bit of a blip with my laptop last summer. I was excessively ranty and sweary for months. hugs.


  • The Opening Sentence

    (I think the run command is the place to start that msc file thing.) But two things here: I have Windows 8 on a small laptop and it’s like a well oiled machine; never goes wrong and I’ve set it never to update. I also have Windows 10 on my main laptop and again, I never allow it to update and the biggest problem I have is running an old version of Firefox with too many plug-ins plugged in.

    I don’t trust updates from Microsoft.


    • acflory

      Never? Hmm…you’ve given me something to think about. I’ve been worried about this particular update because it talks about some kind of problem with AMD processors. As my desktop is built around an AMD processor…

      But now I have to ask, if my desktop works perfectly, as it does, why do I even need that update?

      Thank you. And I agree, can’t trust updates from Microsoft, at all.


  • Widdershins

    The whole ‘phasing out windows 7 support’ thing occurred to me too. 😦


  • cagedunn

    I think I installed it and did the work-around (amid much abuse of composters!); I say think, because once done, I want to forget the things that annoy the ballistics outta me. I have the feeling they want to stop supporting the 7’s.
    good luck, don’t have any important work waiting.

    Liked by 1 person

    • acflory

      Ouch. I was wondering… And yeah, I’m pretty sure they want to bury 7 too.

      Unfortunately, like 2000 and XP, it’s a brilliant OS and diehards like us are waiting for 10 to be followed by something better.

      It seems to be a pattern with Microsoft. Each really good OS is followed by one, or in this case 1.5 really shitty ones.
      2000 was followed by ME, and ME was utterly /awful/. I remember I had to reinstall 2000, ME was so on the nose. ME was followed by XP. I kept on using 2000 even though I was told XP was pretty good. XP was followed by Vista. I think I finally gave in and installed XP. XP was followed by 7 and EVERYONE told me it was great. They were right. 8? 8.1? 10? -makes gagging sounds-
      Ahem, apologies. πŸ™‚

      Liked by 2 people

  • Elizabeth Drake

    I know your pain. I remember when I updated Windows, it broke Tobii eye-tracker, and made my computer unusable. Great times…


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