House hunting on ESO

I’ve been playing ESO [Elder Scrolls Online] for quite a few months now, and whilst I’ve enjoyed learning the game, I’ve also missed not having a player ‘house’ of my own. Player housing was one of the things that kept me at FFXIV for so many years. Anyway, I think I’ve finally found the house of my dreams! I can’t afford it yet, but now I have something to aim for, and here it is:

That’s my character, looking down at the house and walled garden.

The player housing in ESO comes in four five sizes:

  1. a room at an inn,
  2. a small house with no garden [it’s fully instanced and you teleport to it],
  3. a small house with a garden [I think that’s the category my house occupies,
  4. medium houses with gardens and
  5. walled estates, some of which can be truly huge.

As you’d expect, the price for most of the housing depends on size and the amenities offered. The largest estates also have game-play requirements that must be met before you can lay your money down.

Before I tell you how much my house will cost, let me show you some more views. This first one is the view that sold me on the house:

I’m stand on a large deck that leads to the front door. Because it’s so high up, I actually get a view over the top of the walled garden to the river beyond [most houses have no view]. The house is called Sleek Creek House and it’s located in an area called Reaper’s March. As an Aussie, that vista feels strangely like home. 🙂

The next view is from the shallows, looking back up at the house. The graphics are truly incredible, especially the quality of the light. Oh, and there are gathering nodes right outside the garden!:

Next up is a view of the small town that overlooks the house. It’s called Rawl’hka. Sounds like something out of Vokhtah, doesn’t it?

Apart from being very picturesque, Rawl’hka also contains all the amenities available in the large cities – stablemaster, crafting, bank, guild traders, and what appears to be a large, vibrant player population.

And now the fly in the ointment. Sleek Creek House costs 335,000 gold. I currently possess 38,000 gold. I’m not going to do the math because I’ll simply become depressed. The important thing is that I have a goal. Now I just have to find a way to achieve it.

“Everyone needs a reason to get up in the morning.” 😀



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11 responses to “House hunting on ESO

  • anne54

    Another reason The Young Folk (!) are into gaming ~ it’s the only place they can afford to buy a house. Your place looks cute. I am such a non-gamer that I have no idea of 1. does that house just sit there until you can afford it, or will someone else move in? 2. how do you get the gold? Please tell me you go and fight dragons…..


    • acflory

      lmao! I hope this doesn’t confuse you even more but…
      1. The house is ‘instanced’. What that means is that it exists in a kind of ‘bubble’ outside the normal game. Because of that, umpteen players can buy and live in the house because they go to their own version when the go through the gate.
      2. Hmm…the money part is both easier and harder. There are all sorts of baddies to fight, and you are rewarded with some gold, but I think you have to do the big dungeons if you want lots of gold. Me, I’ll be trundling along, earning bits and pieces as I go. Unless I get very lucky, it’ll take a while but that’s okay as it gives me a powerful reason to keep playing.
      Now, are you sure I can’t tempt you?….mwahahahaha!


    • anne54

      That all makes sense (sort of!). I think I would love playing games, but I really think I Do Not Need another obsession!


      • acflory

        lmao – ah now that’s a different issue entirely. I remember when I first started…was more of an addiction than an obsession. This whole new world opened up to me and I loved it.
        -cough- it’s under control now -cough-


  • Widdershins

    An excellent choice! … wouldn’t it be wonderful to find something like that in the physical world. 😀


  • Candy Korman

    In real life—like most New Yorker’s—I suffer from a bit of real estate lust. I dream of the folks next door moving out and me snapping up their apartment and combining the two into one… Ah daydreams! But, perhaps, there’s place in the online game world for me after all? A place where I animate my daydream? You place does look both comfy and bold!


    • acflory

      -grin- I can just see you and the two terrors spreading out in a double apartment space. What would you do with it?
      And yes, I think my love of player housing began when we were living in a rental for 10 years. I so wanted a place of my own. I have one now but the housing bug hasn’t left me. Watching Grand Designs Australia tonight. :D:D


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