A Proud Australian

Yesterday marked a special day in Australia. We voted ‘Yes’ to equality and a fair go. And we voted ‘no’ to bigotry.

As a nation, that’s cause for celebration, but the moment would have tasted even sweeter if it had marked the day marriage equality came into law.

Because it’s not there yet. This postal vote was not compulsory. It was also not binding. That means the politicians in Canberra can dick about forever and a day, delaying the inevitable just to pander to party factions. The result of the vote had barely been made public and already a Rabid Right politician was spruiking a marriage equality bill that would grant the right to marriage but would also water down anti-discrimination laws already in place!

I hope the Rabid Right enjoys its moment in the sun, because if they mess this up, none of the Liberals will stay in power for much longer. That is the one lesson none of our politicians seem to have learned. I guess they still think the political see-saw of the last few years is just an abberation. But it’s not. Parliament is full of Independents because we, the people, no longer trust the two major parties.

Malcolm Turnbull, our PM, has said he will make marriage equality a reality by Christmas. I hope that reality does not include the right for others to discriminate against gay couples, because reneging on the clear wishes of we, the people, will sound the death knell for his whole party.




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15 responses to “A Proud Australian

  • anne54

    It was a good day, with so much emotion. However, as Scottie says (and I am sure you agree πŸ˜‹) it should have been resolved in Parliament ages ago, not through this postal survey. The irony is that the ‘yes’ vote was high in many Liberal voting electorates, including Abbott’s and Andrew’s. If Malcolm Turnbull had had the guts to take this to the Parliament way-back-when he would have had the strong support of many Liberal voters.

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    • acflory

      I totally agree, Anne. I seethe with anger at the thought of where those millions could have been spent to alleviate hardship. Not sure about Turnbull’s options though. I think the Right of the Liberal party have him by the balls, excuse the French. Whatever Liberal voters might think, those hard liners have the power and they wield it according to their beliefs. And they don’t believe in marriage equality or climate change. :/
      I just hope this horrible, very expensive exercise has focused people’s minds on who deserves to be in parliament and who doesn’t. 😦

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  • candy

    Even when it becomes law, the rabid right (good name for them) will continue to fight. I fear for the fate of the U.S. and hope that Australia is better at diversity & equality!

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    • acflory

      Last week I would have said we were catching up to the US with politicians like Pauline Hanson validating the most fearful and other-phobic elements of our society. Today I feel as if a terrible weight has been lifted from my shoulders, at least for a while. πŸ™‚

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  • Elizabeth Drake

    Terrific step. Here in the US it took the courts had to step in because our politicians weren’t brave enough. I don’t know if it would’ve passed voters. Somehow, we elected Trump…

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    • acflory

      -hugs- Don’t forget the people who voted for Trump were /not/ the majority. Unfortunately, the real majority stayed mostly silent, and away from the voting booths. 😦
      Here in Australia we have compulsory voting [for elections] so extremist from either side are watered down a bit by those of us in the middle. We all grumble about having to vote but…I think in a democracy you /have/ to.

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  • Carrie Rubin

    It’s a wonderful first step. I was so happy to see the news on social media yesterday. (I actually thought Australia already allowed same-sex marriage.) Let’s hope it continues down the road to fruition quickly.

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  • Esme upon the Cloud

    Well said Meeka and well said Scottie too. We move so slowly towards a truly civilized society, but at least we move forwards (unless Trump and his ilk are involved).

    Now, I do not have your address do I dearie? I don’t seem to have it, so pop over to the Cloud and leave it in a comment which shall be moderated and so no one will see said address, for I am sending out my artwork again in card form this year and would very much like one of my hand printed cards to end up in your home. No return address provided as this is for joy, not for gain. Please do. I need to get all my abroad ones off by the end of the week.

    – Esme looking hopeful upon the Cloud

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  • Scottie

    I am happy that the majority of the people answering the survey responded yes. However as a gay man I dislike that rights of a minority had to to be voted on and “granted” by the majority. They are rights, so they shouldn’t need a permission vote. Also I hurt watching and reading all the detogratory crap dragged up and thrown at LGBTQ people by the ones who wanted to stop this. That won’t go away soon. The things said won’t be forgotten for a long while. Kids heard some people’s feelings toward them , some in their own families, that cut as sharp as knives. So I think that was the real point of this pushing of the survey. To get the hate out there. To have the damage done. The politicians knew what the people wanted already. The hater knew they would lose. So they did this so they could publicise as much harm, dirty bullshit, and batshit crazy hate as possible.
    Be well. Again congratulations. Hugs

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