Fossil of Tassie Devil-like marsupial in Turkey

Originally posted on Dear Kitty. Some blog: From the University of Salford in England: ‘Euro Devil’: Fossil of carnivorous marsupial relative discovered in E Europe August 17, 2017 Scientists have discovered fossil remains of a new carnivorous mammal in Turkey, one of the biggest marsupial relatives ever discovered in the northern hemisphere. The findings, by…

via Tasmanian devil-like fossil marsupial discovery in Turkey — Die Erste Eslarner Zeitung – Aus und über Eslarn, sowie die bayerisch-tschechische Region!

For some reason I always thought that Australian marsupials – such as the kangaroo and Tasmanian Devil – were unique to Australia, but apparently not. The discovery of this marsupial fossil in Turkey indicates that marsupials were much more widespread than originally thought.

I hope the efforts to save the Tassie Devil succeed and it doesn’t join its ancient relative in the extinction record.

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