Nabatea – Innerscape book 3 cover

Still heaps of work to do, but I’m kind of pleased how this last cover turned out. Again, it’s still a mockup but I’d appreciate some feedback. Too bold? Too hard to see? Too something else??

I really need fresh eyes so please tell me if you notice something wrong. I also need to know whether the three covers provide enough visual continuity to make it obvious this is a series?

In particular, should I change no.1 to be more like 2 and 3 in terms of the circuit board wires and size of title?

Thanks πŸ™‚


p.s. no.2 will actually be darker in the finished version.

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27 responses to “Nabatea – Innerscape book 3 cover

  • gumersindo

    Capitalising the M would cause a deviation, and working n the spines will unify it. !


  • anne54

    It’s a stunning cover Meeks. Go you!!
    I agree with the suggestions that Dawn makes. Capitalising the M would make a difference, and working n the spines will unify it. I wonder too whether the photo on the centre should be something that is more graphic. It is more realistic than the other two, and this might help it blend more.
    Your work has given me a new appreciation for book covers!


    • acflory

      Thanks, Anne. I’ve been working on Dawn’s suggestions most of today and I’ll post a before and after pic, hopefully tomorrow. Fingers crossed it’ll tick all the boxes. To be honest, my appreciation of people who do this for a living has just soared. It is hard work, no mistake.


  • Chris James

    Basically, what Dawn said, as I think Dawn nailed it. My fav is book 3 πŸ™‚


  • D. Wallace Peach

    I really like it, Meeka. I love how the red stands out. The imagery is provocative and draws the eye. Well done!!!!


  • Candace Williams, author

    This is OUTSTANDING, Meeks! It’s my fave so far, and that’s saying a lot because I adore the other two.


  • The Pink Agendist, nΓ©e Mr. Merveilleux

    I love the look. Sleek and strong. Not something you’d forget easily.

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  • MELewis

    Hey Meeks, I agree that continuity is best to make it clear they’re all part of the series. Like #3 design, although find it overall a bit dark (but maybe that’s intended? Subliminal message?) Love the red type!


  • DawnGillDesigns

    I like them all. I love the circuit board concept and I really love how you are echoing the feel / aspect of the episodes within the covers. It’s subtle and clever. I’m awed by your magic here, btw πŸ˜‰
    I think that the designs you have show them to clearly be part of the same series, but if you want to tie them together further, then I have a few suggestions based on my first thoughts that may or may not work, and might be hideous!
    These are :
    You could make all the spines the same colour
    You could wrap some circuitry across all three spines, so it flows when they are next to each other in a bookcase (I love that in a series personally, and have been known to replace a book in a set just to make it fit in)
    You could echo that fabulous pop of red in the second in each of the others

    Regarding the circuit board overlay on the front cover; I really like the left ‘lead in’ on books 1 and 2, but it does make it less clear to see your name.
    It appears from my zooming in that they 9the circuits) are the same, and a mirror image (nearly) of book one. Perhaps simply flipping (I bet it isn’t simple!) the circuit in book 1 or removing the lead in parts in books 2 would resolve what ever it is niggling in your mind?
    The other thing that might help with the cohesiveness is making the title on the spine of the third silver, like the first two. (though I like the impending doom feel of the red!)

    And I was just about to sign off when I took another look and noticed – Book 1 – all the letters in miira are the same size and the ‘m’ isn’t capitalised. Books 2 and 3 have the first letter capitalised and larger. Equalising the layout might resolve your niggle too.
    The other thing that might help with the cohesiveness is making the title on the spine of the third silver, like the first two. (though I like the impending doom feel of the red!)
    So. There’s my instant thoughts, and for what it’s worth, book 1 is my favourite of the covers!! NB – I like the subtle optical illusion of room tiles / chessboard on book 2 a lot.
    Hope that my thoughts are helpful. xx

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    • acflory

      -grin- Yes, yes and yes! I kind of wish I didn’t need to put so many /words/ on the covers! lol Not sure where else to put the name. I’ve looked at a lot of my favourite series and everything seems to depend on the author’s popularity. If the author is well known, his or her name is featured on the cover, often before the actual title. Unknowns like me sneak their names in wherever they can.
      I really like the idea of the circuit wiring snaking across the spine and I’ll give it a try as soon as I have the spine widths worked out properly.
      Finally, yes, you’re right about the lettering in book 1. Originally, I wanted to be different and have them all lower case. But with ‘the godsend’ the idea simply looked silly. So thank you, Miira’s name will be changed. I’ll also experiment with having the spines one colour throughout.
      Thank you. πŸ™‚

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      • DawnGillDesigns

        yes, but in ‘proper’ book shops (!) all the novels are in author order within their subsections, so only the spine is visible. All those authors with their names in giant font only benefit from the occasions they are displayed in vast piles. I’ve never bought a book like that, ever! so glad you didn’t mind all my thoughts. have a lovely evening, x


        • acflory

          Hah! What a good point. I’ve become so used to the Amazon, face-out display I’d totally forgotten what physical bookshops look like. Thanks for that reminder. I doubt that they’d ever stock books by an Indie but it’s still worth investing time in the spines.


  • davidprosser

    It’s the best of the three covers I think. Everything easy to see. I agree that book one should echo the other two books with the circuit board and size of title.
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx

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  • laurieboris

    I like it! They do look linked to me, but thinking the red could contrast better on the spine. Maybe keep the spine black, too?

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  • Frank Prem

    Looks very elegant to me, Meeks.

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