Pod accommodation – in India

I first read about capsule accommodation in the 1970s when the first one opened in Japan. The amenities were pretty basic and that memory informed the creation of ‘short term transit pods’ in Innerscape. But time moves on, and the humble, claustrophobic pod has become high tech, finding takers in some of the world’s largest, and not so large, cities.

If you follow the link below it will take you to an article about the new pod hostel that opened in Mumbai, India. The photos look quite amazing with push button everything:


The article also gives a nod to the ‘Tiny Homes’ movement which I’ve featured before. And just in case you thought this could not happen in your city, think again. Pod hostels have now sprung up in China, Iceland and…ta dah…Australia, amongst others. You can find some interesting titbits in the video clip right at the end of the article.

I’m still not sure if I’d be able to lock myself in and sleep in a pod, but I’d love to try one on for size…just for fun. Then, I’d traipse off to a nice big hotel room and thank my stars I can afford it. 🙂




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10 responses to “Pod accommodation – in India

  • Scottie

    I wouldn’t have a problem with these as just a sleep for 6 to 8 hours and then go. I can understand the small house movement. In 2004 Ron and I sold our home and invested in a 40.4 foot RV. I would like to say we loved it. The true is I did. I had everything I wanted, we had pared down our stuff with what we did not use everyday in storage. The lifestyle suited me well. However Ron did not like it and after 1 1/2 years we sold our RV and bought a double wide mobile home in the same resort park. Our park has home sections RV / park model sections. Park models are mini mobile homes. some are not two bad, 14 or 16 wide and 36 to 40 long, but some are really tiny. like 10 by 30. That is too small. Many people live in their RVs or Park Models year round.

    I wonder Meeka, do you find it thrilling to know what you dream up, that you imagine for your books is turning true. I remember the impossible things in star trek, the first show. They had flip communicators, tablets that were portable computers, video conferencing… and a lot more, all of which came true in our own time. We take for granted the very things that were thought up by the imaginations of writers as fictions. Thansk. Be well. Hugs


    • acflory

      Oh! You really are into the Tiny House movement. I love the idea in principle, but I suspect I might be a bit more like your Ron when it comes to actually /living/ in one. I’m not wildly untidy, but no one could ever accuse my house of being like the cover of Vogue. Having to put things away all the time would drive me crazy. 😀
      And yes, constantly discovering things I’d only dreamed about before is both thrilling and kind of scary. I mean, I don’t profess to be able to predict the future, but when things happen so fast and waaaaay before I thought they would, I wonder what other things will happen that no one saw coming?

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  • Carrie Rubin

    I’ve heard about these, and I’m not sure I could sleep in one. A bit of a creepy factor to them. 😄


  • jilldennison

    I am not claustrophobic, but am severely asthmatic, and somehow I just do not think I could do the pod thing! Interesting concept, however. But I wonder … where does one put their books, ash tray, Kleenex, inhaler, bottle of water, Kindle, cell phone, and all the other paraphernalia that one simply must have by the side of their bed? 😀


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