Alien 3 ending and music

I have always loved classical orchestral music – think Chopin, Beethoven, Tchaikovsky etc – so the soundtrack of Alien 3 was a real departure for me, and in many ways it paved the way for the music I love now.

My favourite piece in the whole soundtrack by Elliot Goldenthal is the Adagio. It’s the score for the final scene and it’s very powerful :

Part of the reason this piece had such a profound effect on me was definitely visual – the themes of The Cross and The Mother can’t help but resonate, even with an ex-Catholic.  But I believe those themes would not have been half as powerful without the music that gives them their emotional context.

And now for the reason I was reminded of this music in the first place. I’ve had the following track on repeat for over an hour. It’s by Max Legend, and it’s called Adagio for Strings:

The two tracks are nothing alike and yet…they are both beautiful and uplifting in a way I can’t describe.

Happy Sunday,


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4 responses to “Alien 3 ending and music

  • Esme upon the Cloud

    The latter hits me harder than the former, but they’re both cracking. I love some film scores, the beauty of them cannot be underestimated. Some have me in tears regardless of the subject matter. Thomas Newman is my favourite composer in this genre, though I lhave a collection that spans from the fifties onwards. Now I have to post two examples!

    Firstly – Thomas Newman – Meet Joe Black

    Second – Sparcatus Love Theme by Alex North

    They may not be your bag, but I thank you for your two offerings, neither of which I was familiar with!

    – esme with her headphones on upon the Cloud


    • acflory

      Oh how lovely! I’ve been a fan of soundtracks most of my life too, and I remember actually buying the sheet music to Lara’s Theme from Dr Zhivago so I could play it again and again. 🙂
      Thank you for reminding me that there’s a lot of phenomenal music from the past as well!

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  • Bun Karyudo

    They are both nice pieces of music. I often find orchestral music can be particularly effective in movies and contributes greatly to the atmosphere the director is trying to create.


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