A hate crime, and Trump doesn’t care

Their names are Srinivas Kuchibhotla and Alok Madasani. Mr. Kuchibhotla is dead now, and Mr. Madasani is wounded. 51-year-old Adam W. Purinton, apparently did not like immigrants and believed it was his right, as a white male, to take their lives into his own hands. It started in a restaurant in Olathe, Kansas where Mr. […]

via The Pointless Death of Srinivas Kuchibhotla — Filosofa’s Word


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16 responses to “A hate crime, and Trump doesn’t care

  • DawnGillDesigns

    Missed the news this last week; I hope that this was reported over here; didn’t appear to be covered my in my paper of choice (just checked) thanks for flagging it up. hugs and cake. x


  • headwindjournal

    Thank you for sharing. My heart goes out to those suffering as a result of these repressive and regressive policies and hate crimes. I myself am an immigrant to the U.S. from Canada. I feel as if I’m living in a nightmare but am doing all I can to speak up and protest.


  • cindy knoke

    Much of country is now proudly amoral and unethical.

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  • Candy Korman

    Unfortunately, I don’t think this will be an isolated incident.

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  • George

    Well you could see from his mugshot that he doesn’t look ok. I thought “meth” when i saw it. Dunno why they are wondering why Trump didn’t tweet it, if it wasn’t on Fox News, then it’s fake. The guy has the CIA and FBI briefings every morning, but then goes and says “i saw it on the news.”

    But I’m not really surprised. He prayed on certain fears of certain people and managed to get elected. While i do live in a place that i do think that there is bias and prejudice, there are people from many countries and there are mosques next to orthodox churches and catholic ones close by. And because of that people tolerate each other for the most part. And yet… one day my father and I were doing some construction on our property by ourselves. Two Pakistani guys passed by, noticed us and asked if we wanted help. They said their price, they helped, we gave them lunch and then i took the plates to wash them. And they kind of looked at me funny. Later i found out that they were taken aback that i took their plates as well to wash them instead of them doing it. And i was “wtf? seriously?”

    People find it convenient to forget that some of their own country men leave to find work in other countries. It’s why i like how those DNA ancestry services are being used by people for giggles, when the results come back and it is “you are 40% this, 30% that, 15% the other one and 15% of this.”

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    • acflory

      I read somewhere that the most entrenched bias against immigrants comes from people who have next to nothing to do with immigrants. I think the more cosmopolitan an area is, the more tolerant the people. It’s hard to hate a whole group of people when you’ve shared a meal with one, or chatted with one at the school gate, had one help you out simply because you needed the help. Fear usually springs from the unknown. 😦
      lol – I haven’t had one of those ancestry DNA tests done but I’m starting to think they should be mandatory! Would be hard to justify White Surpremicist racism when your DNA proves there’s some ‘colour’ in there!

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    • davidprosser

      I’ve just had mine and somehow 1% managed to creep in from the Caucasus. I’m imagining at one point a very friendly Armenian popping up some time ago.


  • davidprosser

    A place where life seems to mean little to outsiders now has a President who can actively encourage hate crimes by stirring up resentment against immigrants and who takes his advice from KKK loving White Supremacists and who idolises the tyrant Putin of Russia.
    Like Alice, I feel like I’ve gone down a rabbit hole.
    Huge Hugs xxx

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