Letter of resignation from Climate Change Authority

I promised myself some good news posts this weekend, and in a strange sort of way, this is one. It’s a resignation in response to the ‘clean’ coal bullshit of the Libs.:


My thanks to Metan for tweeting about this, even if it made me angry all over again. And hats off to Professor Clive Hamilton for putting his principles first, but what a sad indictment of the man-who-once-supported-the-ETS. It seems our PM has decided that his reputation and legacy are of less value than his continued presence as our leader.

If the above sounds as if I’m taking Malcolm Turncoat’s defection personally, you’re right, I am. Despite being a Labor supporter, I did harbour a secret admiration for the man. He was what I thought all good politicians ought to be – a man of honour and integrity who became a politician to serve us, the people.

No fool like an old fool. In betraying his own principles, Malcolm Turncoat also betrayed me and every other voter who believed in him. The man who should have resigned was not Professor Hamilton, it was the PM.

Not happy, Malcolm,


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8 responses to “Letter of resignation from Climate Change Authority

  • anne54

    Your summation of why Turnbull is acting like that is so accurate. He is a great example of how appeasement doesn’t work, as the bullies keep demanding more and more. So proud of Prof. Hamilton for standing up for his principles, and publishing his resignation letter.


    • acflory

      OMG – ‘appeasement doesn’t work, as the bullies keep demanding more and more’

      Yes! I didn’t see it as bullying until you mentioned it but that is exactly what’s happening. 😦


  • MELewis

    Hard to grasp what would motivate such a drastic change in position. Economic gain?


  • cindy knoke

    Well, is there comfort, for us in each other? Considering the mess the world is in? Led always, of course, by the US. We used to be a good country. In 1947.


  • davidprosser

    It seems the chance of finding a principled politician are fewer than first thought. Turnbull is in position because he was ranked as man of principle and conviction. Not one who would change his coat so quickly merely to hang onto power.Shame !
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx and Hugs to Metan for tweeting , making you post.


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