#Monsanto, Roundup and the spike in #autism

Like a lot of people, I’ve worried that GMOs would cause health problems down the track, but I assumed that Monsanto’s Roundup was just another weedkiller. Wrong. Roundup has been the villain of the piece all along. 😦

Before you  watch the video talk below, let me give you a very quick roundup [excuse the pun] of how this all began. The first genetically modified food product was the Flavr Savr tomato. The company that produced it was bought out by Monsanto, but Monsanto was not in the business of producing food, it was in the business of producing weedkiller. So why buy the GMO technology? The reason was to produce food crops that would be, effectively, immune to the effects of its Roundup Ready product. Such crops would, effectively, extend the life of the Roundup product indefinitely.

To achieve this goal, Monsanto needed to get its Roundup tolerant crops into commercial production as quickly and cheaply as possible. This meant two things:

  • circumventing the testing protocols that apply to medicinal drugs
  • and avoiding the necessity for product labelling

The development of medicinal drugs is a very long and costly process as the drugs have to be tested extensively, not only to prove their efficacy, but also to prove that they don’t do more harm than good. All of this research, development and testing takes years and costs a lot of money. A lot of years and a ton of money. At about the 6 minute mark of the video, you’ll hear that Monsanto only tested their product for 3 months. And no, that was not a typo. As for labelling, the US still doesn’t have it.

The Frankenfoods protests focused everyone’s attention on the GMOs themselves, and environmentally they are still a huge concern. But in all the outrage, the effects of Roundup slipped quietly under the radar. It was meant to be safe. Monsanto said it was safe. Right…


Even if you’re not a ‘scientific’ person, Stephanie Seneff explains her findings in a clear, easy to understand way, and this is information we all need to know. The bit about glyphosate accumulating in breast milk really floored me.

My thanks to D.Wallace Peach for opening my eyes. First DDT, now Roundup. We are what we eat, and it’s hurting us in stealthy, insidious ways, starting with our children.


Bon appetit,


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9 responses to “#Monsanto, Roundup and the spike in #autism

  • Candy Korman

    I suspect that Monsanto, and related companies, were the inspiration for the corporate evil in your Innerscape series. Right? There’s nothing scarier than someone mucking with mother nature—particularly when it’s in the arena of food or health. With the most noble of intentions (or excuses) some companies seek to make money innovating the food supply. To me, that’s the real modern Frankenstein monster.


    • acflory

      -grin- yes, my evil corporation didn’t spring entirely from my imagination. When I was growing up, the world was locked in a Cold War. Now I find the champions of commerce a great deal scarier. To me, food is like air, no one can do without so messing with either threatens all of us.


  • DawnGillDesigns

    One of the many reasons I insist on growing everything organically and have weekly ‘discussions’ with MrG in the supermarket about the pros and cons of buying organic produce. I can’t manage to get everything organically, but I do try. I’ve the advantage of living in the UK, where (currently, god knows what’ll happen post Brexit) most of our laws err on the side of caution more than the US, and, having regularly visited Oz, I’d say we are more cautious there too. Apart from import. Australia is incredibly particular what is accepted across it’s border. (minor rant now…. Mostly I understand the principle of learning form experience – rabbits, cane toads etc!- but to be unable to post jewellery still annoys me! )

    ps. just completed episode 3 late last night. have had a bit of a panic. going to have to reread the last chapter later !


    • acflory

      We try for organic too, but failing that, we try to eat as little packaged food as possible. Plus like you, we grow some of our own.
      The import stuff surprises me. I thought it was only for foodstuffs and plants etc. How weird. And ironic. Foxes, rabbits and cane toads were all deliberately introduced. Let’s just say there’s an element of hypocrisy in our policies.
      Re Episode 3…just remember there’s 2 more episodes to go…:)

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      • DawnGillDesigns

        Yes, I know. I have been pacing myself because I’m enjoying it so much. It feels so convincingly real. You should be really proud of it. I assume the mport is not just stable door closing, but because the Gvmt wants to encourage home grown manufacture, rather than import. Especially given how rich your country is in minerals etc.


        • acflory

          Thanks – massive hugs-
          As for the govt, heaven alone knows what it’s doing. Our manufacturing industries are drying up at a scary rate and all we’ll be left with soon is minerals and agriculture. We used to have a slogan about becoming the ‘clever country’ but I don’t that that’s happening.


  • Henry

    I have to admit that the word “autism” troubled me a great deal when reading this piece. The whole debacle with vaccines and autism has been quite well-publicised as an example of bad science. The reason why autism spectrum disorder always seems to pop up should be clear.
    Autism spectrum disorder affects children. And there are a lot of concerned and frightened parents in the world, who look things up on the internet.

    It turns out Stephanie Seneff is quite infamous for a paper she co-wrote in 2013. Here are two links to articles debunking her paper at the time by people more familiar with the topic than I am.

    Some of the main points in the articles are that:
    – Correlation between glyphosate use and autism over time does not prove causality; indeed there is a similar correlation between organic food sales and autism.
    – Showing that a compound affects an enzyme in gut bacteria is far removed from showing any link with any disease, let alone proving that the compound causes autism specifically.
    – “Exogenous semiotic entropy”, a phrase used in the paper, is made-up.
    – The paper contains no original research.

    Now this is not to defend Monsanto as an organisation (the interplay of intellectual property and genetics is something I’m really not comfortable with). But please let’s not get into fearmongering. I really admire this blog because the information you throw light on is not just interesting, but also accurate.

    Thanks for your consideration~


  • davidprosser

    Monsanto moved a lot of their research to South America because the Governments a are more easygoing there. They used Roundup to clear ground ready for their GM crops to be planted. They didn’t always make sure it was their ground thus making farmers take their product whether wanted or not.
    There were instances of wells being contaminated, violence towards farmers who didn’t want GM crops and of course much sickness within some villages.
    GM Foods need to be stopped until it’s clear what we’re dealing with and Monsanto should have it’s licences revoked and be fined heavily for it’s attitude towards the public.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx



    • acflory

      Thanks for those links, David. The Offspring just pointed me toward a case right here in Australia where an organic farmer was decertified when his neighbour planted GM crops and they blew over the fence. The farmer took the matter to court…and lost. The neighbour was supported by..you guessed it, Monsanto.
      If a hostile country used the tactics that Monsanto uses, we’d all be up in arms. As it is, we just sit back and let money walk all over us.


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