U.S. asks foreign travelers to voluntarily disclose social media profiles — VentureBeat

Starting this week, the federal government began asking some travelers to the U.S. to supply details about their social media accounts. As you can see below, Uncle Sam now wants visitors to disclose their presence on popular services like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter in what appears to be a long shot attempt to screen for…

via U.S. asks foreign travelers to voluntarily disclose social media profiles — VentureBeat

I’m stunned by the naivete of this step. Do they honestly believe a terrorist will provide links to social media accounts that betray his or her terrorist affiliations????? And to make matters worse, the reason for this step is to somehow fill the gap left by allowing people into the US for very short periods of time…without visas and the checks they imply.

I have just one comment…-FACE PALM-

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24 responses to “U.S. asks foreign travelers to voluntarily disclose social media profiles — VentureBeat

  • dancingpalmtrees

    I suppose one good thing is that the governor and mayor of New York have told Dhrump they will not cooperate with him and will not allow him access to New York databases.
    New York City is a sanctuary city.
    Now Dhrump can deny the city and State funding but I believe both Mayor Bill de Blasio and Governor Andrew Cuomo will stand firm. I’m glad I live in New York. However I pray for the rest of my country.


  • Scottie

    I m so worried at will come in the new year Ron has told me he will ask my general care doctor to prescribe a strong anxiety medication along with my mood medication. I often can’t sleep because of fear, I suddenly break down in tears over what I fear will happen. I get so upset worrying about my husband I suddenly can’t breathe. Be well. Hugs

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    • acflory

      Not sure how much this will help, Scottie, but I was reading recently about how much of society runs on institutions, and even someone like DumpTy would have trouble dismantling them, so perhaps things won’t be so bad. Plus…everyone’s assuming that the GOP control of congress will mean a green light for DumpTy’s every thought bubble. But some of those Republicans will try to rein him in. Wait and see. I refuse to believe that one man can destroy everything, no matter how much he may want to. -hugs-

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      • Scottie

        Thank you, but it is not really him that scares me so much as those he has empowered. I am already hearing of people being threatened, of friends at Ron’s work who are being warned to “be careful”. It is happening. We may not like it, we may want to fight against it, but it is scary to two old gay guys with health issues. Will some 20 to 30 year old thug jump out and assault us now because tRump gave them the go ahead in their minds? I don’t mean to make lite of what you are saying, but we are hearing the threats. We have to be careful. The other day Ron asked me about getting a gun. I wore one for a lot of my working years. I do not one in the house now. Yet Ron is almost 62 and he is scared. thanks and hugs

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  • dvberkom

    Oy. It just gets weirder and weirder here. Lots of fodder for fiction, although that whole “terrified” feeling many of us are experiencing occasionally in the US does give me pause…I’m starting to believe that we are, in fact, living in a computer simulation: https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/are-we-living-in-a-computer-simulation/

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  • dancingpalmtrees

    Trump is starting a Muslim registry, planning to deport millions of immigrants and getting rid of what is known as Obama care meaning once again there will be millions of uninsured Americans.
    A sad start to the New year.

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  • Scottie

    I agree with you that asking someone to say or do something that openly identifies themselves to be a problem. However have you heard that it works just the other way today in hiring? I know a person who went for a local county job collecting money at bridge toll booths. Simple job, and the person passed everything easily. then after getting a letter saying he had been accepted , he got a call saying his job offer was on hold. He had to go in and explain something, but they wouldn’t tell him what. Turned out he is a young man without much social media involvement. Simply put he had no blog, no facebook page, no twitter account. He was just a young person not interested in that stuff. However the employer saw that as a problem. They need to have him explain that. Now I was only vaguely aware that employers check your social media stuff, but I did not realize that they think not having a social media footprint is a bad sign. Hugs


  • headwindjournal

    Thank you for your post. Believe me, here in crazy land, many of us are alternating between fear, despair, anger and disbelief.

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  • Yvonne Hertzberger

    I said to a friend recently that I might be denied my flight to Tampa for our cruise in Feb. due to my comments on Facebook. I was told I was overly paranoid. I think I was on track.

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  • metan

    Face palm indeed…

    Maybe they should just save time and add another line at the check-in counter, all potential terrorists this way please! I’m sure that would work, wouldn’t it? 😀

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  • anne54

    It reminds me of questions on official forms, like the citizenship papers — eg have you ever been a member of a terrorist organisation? Do they really expect people to answer “yes”? 🙄

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  • DawnGillDesigns

    sounds like one of Donald’s policy ideas. 🙂
    Merry Christmas!!


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